5 Sex Positions For People Who Like To Watch

Get looking, good looking!

There's nothing hotter than you two in the throes. Appreciating those gorgeous visuals lets you be voyeur and/or exhibitionist, and can be a huge turn-on for both of you. Get looking, good lookin'.  

The Full Frontal Fold

If you can get in this position—and extract yourself from it after—this will give your partner an incredible view. Get on top of him while he sits with his legs straight. Then lean back as far as you can/want to—all way back on his legs or resting your weight on your arms. He can run his hands up your chest or rub your clit, or for a more BDSM vibe hold you down with a firm hand. If you want to see too, just array yourselves so there's a mirror behind his head, or more modestly, to your sides. 

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The Box Seat

If your partner is into watching but you honestly don't care all that much, give them a private show. Straddle them, facing their feet then lie forward onto your elbows. Shake your ass as you ride them, pausing every once in a while to withdraw almost completely so they can watch and feel you taking 'em in again. Super ~ raw ~.

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The Couch Curl

He kneels, you sit back on the couch with your butt at the edge, feet over his shoulders. You can both watch him sliding into you—and it's even better if he takes you at an excruciatingly slow pace. When you can't take anymore and reach down to stroke yourself—it just makes the view that much better.

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The Subjugation

Sex in front of a mirror is all kinds of hot. Give it a toss by bending over a bathroom sink and watching in the vanity mirror as he takes you from behind. You can watch his eyes start to lose focus as he gets closer or, if you're into consensual power games, he can pull your head back by the hair and say filthy, filthy things. (And if you want to be in charge and be the one saying filthy, filthy things, by all means, do so at once.)

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The Selfie Stick

If you really love the rawness of how body parts move against each other, get into doggie position. Hand him YOUR phone and have him hold it in front of you via selfie stick for an up-close and personal POV. (No pressing record, though!). Watching yourselves bone as you do it might even inspire another round.

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Jill Hamilton writes the blog In Bed With Married Women. Follow her on Twitter.

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