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Sex Tips: 3 Ways To Make Your Man Moan

Extend your foreplay fun! Tease him where he least expects it with sensual touches that will drive him wild.
Sex Tips To Help Your Man Reach Orgasm
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When it comes to pleasing themselves, men head straight for their members. (Hey, it's easy access.) But when your guy is in your hands, it pays to take a circuitous path to his package. One randy route: The area we've dubbed his M zone, which represents the letter M shape you make on his body when you touch him in this region. It can be very pleasurable when this ultrasensitive nerve-packed terrain between his upper thighs and lower stomach is stimulated. "To bring pre-sex play to a more exciting level, you need to home in on unexpected places on his body that arouse him in ways he doesn't experience by himself," says sex therapist Sandor Gardos, Ph.D., founder of "Plus, it adds an element of surprise, which can be incredibly erotic and lead to better, more intense sex." To take him to M-spot heaven, follow these three steps.

  1. Tantalize His Thighs

    Have him lie down on his back on a comfy bed with his legs spread about six inches apart. Either kneel beside his bod or gently straddle him, sitting back on his lower thighs. Don't get totally undressed, since you don't want to distract him visually from the main focus: his tactile pleasure.

    Rub your hands together to warm them up (you can also use a bit of massage or warming oil), then rest them palm down on each of his upper thighs. Just go slowly. "Men are used to being massaged on their backs, not their front sides, so he might be a little tense at first," explains sex expert Patti Britton, PhD, coauthor of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sensual Massage. Knead him on the outside of his thigh only and, with light contact at first, build up gradually to the point where you're using considerable pressure (like you're smoothing creases out of a shirt).

    Slowly move up and down and side to side over this outer upper-thigh area, mixing up your moves between long, smooth strokes and circular kneading motions. Don't be afraid of getting too rough, since these muscles—his quads—are usually among his strongest and thickest. "It's going to require a strong touch to get the blood rushing to this area and give him pleasure," says Britton.

    Switch to softer, lighter feathering motions as you move closer to his inner thighs, where the nerve endings become finer. He will be extrasensitive there and can be stimulated by the slightest stroke. Warning: He can also become ticklish, so gauge his reactions and facial expressions as you go.

  2. Slide Up To His Hip Bones

    When you've maxed out his pleasure in his inner-thigh region (he may get a little antsy from so much stimulation and become erect), move your hands upward toward his hips without ever lifting them off his body, stopping right above and inside the hip bones.

    Now it's time to seriously ease up with your hands. "Never put any pressure on bones," says Britton. Sensitive connective penile tissue exists just inside both of his bones in this thin stretch of skin, so a lighter touch will go a longer way. Britton suggests making gentle circles with the tips of your fingers, then switching to light swirling motions with your tongue. "Not knowing what you're going to do next will tease him, heightening the overall experience," adds Gardos.

    You can also create tactile surprises for him by rubbing a furry scarf or even soft sections of your hair up along the area. "It is a huge turn-on to feel sensations in places that he doesn't expect to feel them and will send blood coursing through the area," says Britton.

    For an added thrill, reach under his body and drag your fingers upward and across his tush very slowly, moving toward the base of the spine. "The buttocks are where his nerves connect from his spine to his member," says Britton. "Since any area where the bone is close to the skin is filled with nerve endings, gently massaging his tailbone region extends his pleasure."

  3. Arouse His "Almost" Area

    All it takes is a light touch to stimulate this lava-hot region. Slide your fingers diagonally inward, way below his belly button, just above where his lower abs end and his pubic hair starts. "You'll be touching his pubic bone, which is a very erotic, highly sensitive area for men," explains Gardos. Since it is a bone, keep your fingertip motions extragentle. Try blowing on the area lightly, segueing into long sensual licks—and if he's not ultrasensitive, nibbling—across this smooth stretch of skin.

    The key is taking your time. "He's going to assume you're headed straight for his penis, so when you don't make a beeline for it, you're really going to be tantalizing him," says Gardos. "The longer you wait, the more potentially pleasurable sex will be." Tip: Lightly rub a popsicle across his almost area, then lick it up. "The cool, then warm sensation will drive him wild," says Britton. It's also a perfect prelude to oral sex.
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