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Pinays Get Real About When They Knew Their Relationship Was Over

Is it time to say goodbye?
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Breakups are admittedly tough, so much so that many people stay in romantic relationships despite knowing that you and your S.O. are heading to a deadend. Before breaking it off, there are a lot of factors you have to consider: your shared history, future plans, and of course, your love for each other. It’s honestly hard to admit that your relationship has run its course—how do you know if it’s *really* time to say goodbye?

We asked some Pinays how they know that knew that the romance is about to come to its eventual end.

For some, it’s when communicationwhether virtual or face-to-facedies down.

“When communication starts to fade—from lengthy chats to one-liner replies.”’ - Angel

Yung mga lakad na kailangan i-schedule, like outings or out of town trips, ang sagot lang sa'yo ay ich-check niya kung available siya. Yun pala naiisip na niya na baka pagdating ng date na yun, hiwalay na kayo.” - Ivy

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“When they start to become distant.” - Mai

“When they are not into you anymore: no ‘I love you's, no ‘I miss you’s and they are not interested in your stories.” - Karla

For others, it’s when you can no longer see them in your future.

“When only one of you is planning/getting ready for a future together.” - Twila

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It’s over when you start looking for something else.

Kapag naghahanap ka na ng kulang.” - Cindy

“When the person they want is the person that they first met and not the person you are now.” - Rissa

“When you look at them with disgust, especially when it comes to the things you used to find endearing.” - Tiffany

What used to be exciting starts feeling like a chore. 

“IMO (and in my experience), it's when you've lost the energy to even argue. Arguments and disagreements are totally normal. But when you're just like, ‘yeah, whatever,’ that's worse—that means you've given up.” - Jewel

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“When you feel like seeing your partner is like going to a job you hate. Parang gusto mo na mag-pass ng resignation letter tapos two-week notice na.” - Ira

“When you feel like you don't enjoy talking to each other anymoreyou stop making plans, you become distant, and everything the other person does pisses you off.” - Yssa

“When everything feels like a routine and it seems like ginagawa niyo na lang ang mga bagay-bagay for compliance.” - Chrishane

Sometimes, when you know, you just know. 

“LOL, Minsan, walang sign.” - Jopie

Parehas na kayo walang pakialam sa isa’t isa, parang strangers na lang talaga.” - Jamie

“A week before my ex broke up with me, I had this sudden feeling that I have to get out of the relationship. I think that's what you call gut instinct. Sadly, ‘di ako nakinig.” - Paola

“When you’re happy about your memories together, the history, the investment, but not happy about the person! LOL!” - Nina

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“When it becomes clear you’re on different paths. If you’re truly meant to be, nothing will keep you apartnot a busy schedule, not career, at times, not even family or friends. You’ll make time for each other because you inspire each other to become better versions of yourselves. You know without a doubt that your futures are aligned. If you’re feeling doubt, chances are it’s there for a reason.” - Izzy


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