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10 Things You Should Talk About Before Moving In With Your Boyfriend

Make sure you're both on the same page before making any concrete plans.

1. Discuss the location.

Both of you will need to agree on where you’re going to set up your little love shack. If both of you are employed, being situated in an area accessible to both your workplaces will ensure that neither of you has to go through the hassle of an arduous commute. Plus, living in a neighborhood that has all the establishments that can meet your needs (laundry shops, water delivery, cafes and bars) can make the daily grind easier to pummel through.

2. Make sure you have a working payment plan.

Who is taking care of the electricity? Who is footing the water bill? What about rent? Splitting everything down the middle will prevent any resentment from bubbling to the surface in the future.

3. The distribution of chores and responsibilities.

Cohabitation isn’t a walk in the park. Household duties such as washing the dishes, cleaning the floors, and keeping the bathroom tidy can get all too real. Decide on who does what and stick to a specific schedule to avoid any unnecessary confrontation.

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4. Entertaining guests.

Have an open communication line for when one of you wants to have a couple of friends over for some drinks. Set some practical ground rules. You don’t want to go home, stressed from a long day, only to be met by his rowdy, drunk barkada screaming while playing videogames.

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5. Decorating the interiors.

He might want to put up his Star Wars posters, and this might ruin that quaint-cum-chic vibe you were hoping for. Compromise when it comes to furniture, fixtures, and decorations. It’s both your space, so mash up your ideas and build a comfortable home as a couple.

6. Bathroom schedules.

Work on a well-oiled bathroom routine. If you need more time showering, either get up earlier or allow him to go first. Synching your schedules can help you both be efficient and happy!

7. LQ strategy.

That cute studio apartment won’t feel cozy if you and your boyfriend are having a heated argument. Discuss how each of you can help ease the tension should you find yourself in this situation. One of you going out for some food, coffee, or a drink can help clear the air. 

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8. Basic dos and don’ts.

No smoking. No pets. No leaving dirty undies on the floor. Lay down the common laws before living under one roof.

9. Respecting each other’s things.

Just because you’ve moved in together doesn’t necessarily mean that your belongings are shared assets. Remember, you have all the right to scold him if he annoyingly finishes all your bathroom products when he showers.

10. Have a conversation about your future.

Although taking things one step at a time is a relaxed way of going about your relationship, moving in means that things are serious. Make sure you’re both on the same page before making any concrete plans. You might be left hanging if you don’t.