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The 10 Condom-mandments

Safety first! Here are 10 rules to live by when using a condom.

Behold, the condom. It has been an object of humor, embarrassment, and machismo since it was mass produced in the early 1900s. It has also been blown up, filled with water, and played with since it first piqued our curiosity. But for all its connotations, the condom is also one of the most reliable defenses against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. So how do we properly use one anyway?

Here are 10 rules to live by when using a condom:

1. Thou shall always have one (or more) at all times. You never know when you or your partner is going to get lucky.

2. Thou shall store your condom in a cool, dry place and check expiration dates.
You don’t want to get your condoms hot, wet, or dried out before you use it.

3. Thou shall use a condom with every partner. And at every time with the same partner.

4. Thou shall open the package properly. Use the easy-tear edges and avoid sharp objects such as your teeth, fingernails, or knives and scissors.

5. Thou shall wear a condom from start to finish. Put it on before penetration, not right before ejaculation. Think of it as underwear–first on, last off.

6. Thou shall put it on properly. Unroll it like a sock, right-side up, and do not pull before putting it on. Pinch the tip of the condom to remove air.

7. Thou shall use only proper lubricants. Use only water-based lubricants, not oil-based ones such as lotion or petroleum jelly.

8. Thou shall withdraw correctly. Hold the base of the penis tight and pull out to prevent leakage or worse – leaving the condom behind.

9. Thou shall dispose discreetly. Tie the open end with a knot, wrap in tissue, and throw in the trashcan.

10. Thou shall not reuse. Or reduce, or recycle condoms.

Simple right? From before, to during, to after the deed, remember that you can keep you and your partner safe and secure with just 10 simple rules.

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Press release by DKT Reproductive Health Inc., makers of Trust, Frenzy, and Premiere condoms.