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The 6 Men In Your Life Your Man Is Threatened By

And how to help calm his nerves!

It’s only natural for a person in a relationship to get threatened by outside forces (especially when said outside forces are burly males with mad intentions). Trying to protect the union from crumbling due to intruders is a sign that he values what you share. Let’s face it, being too comfortable is only a signal of complacency, and no one wants that, including you.

Your guy can’t control the fact that you’re surrounded by the other men in your life, and being overprotective and over-the-top defensive might only lead to self-destruction. To help sate his paranoid notions from taking over, here is a handy guide that can help you calm your boyfie’s nerves from the threat of other alpha males. Proceed with caution!

1. Your stern-as-f*ck dad

Why he’s threatened:
He knows papa is aware that he’s responsible for stripping his daughter of her innocence–thrice a week in fact and double on the weekends. Plus, his bad case of resting bitch face always seems unimpressed. It’s only your father. You know, one-half of your parental unit that brought you up and raised you in this crazy world we live in. He needs to win the patriarch’s well wishes. If daddy isn’t happy, no one is. 

How you can help him: Make him feel comfortable during family gatherings by engaging them in conversation. Movies, sports, cars, and anything dinner-table-appropriate should lubricate the strain of having to try too hard. Invite him to family trips as well should your parents approve. There’s no better way to ease a partner in than a good old-fashioned family bonding sesh,

2. Your overprotective older brother

Why he’s threatened:
If it isn’t all the scary tattoos, or the fact that he stares at your guy with a look that screams, “Fuck with my sister and I’ll fuck you up,” then maybe it was the time your big bro pulled him aside when he had a tad too much to drink and warned him of the demise he’d meet should he break your heart. Thanks, kuya!

How you can help him: Tell your brother to back off a little. Yes, his intentions are earnest in wanting the best for his lil sis, but overbrotection might pressure your man into running out that door and leaving you hanging. Then you’ll have to spend the rest of your life with your single older bro.

3. Your sneaky boss

Why he’s threatened:
This slimeball in a suit has a way of giving off that D.O.M. vibe when he asks you for overtime just because you’re the prettiest girl in the office. There’s a unique sense of power that comes with authority, and your man just hates the fact that you always answer your boss’ calls, spend more time at work than at home, and say “yes sir” with so much gusto it makes his head explode. 

How you can help him: Balance your personal and professional life. Although being studious and gung-ho at the workplace are definite benefits on your end, make sure that you allot a significant amount of time for your lover as well. You don’t want to be given the axe both at home and at the office. 

4. Your omnipresent male BFF

Why he’s threatened:
You two finish off each other's sentences and cherish so many awesome memories through the years. Life isn’t fair because he’s also got the jaw of a matinee idol and the body of a CrossFit instructor.

How you can help him: Assure him that this friendship is platonic by inviting him out on a group date with your male BFF and his significant other. This way, the relationships can flourish into that of a barkada, where instead of him getting isolated by inside jokes, all of you can have shared moments to look back on.

5. Your hunky ex-boyfriend

Why he’s threatened:
The fact that he had you first–your delectable kisses, your sweet embraces, your undivided capacity for caring–is already a big punch to your beau’s ego. Well that, and he kind of looks like James Reid.

How you can help him: Avoid talking about your ex so you don’t stoke the flames of insecurity. Compliment, be grateful, and show him your appreciation of his presence in your life. If you do, he’ll most likely return the favor tenfold.

6. Your lingering secret admirer

Why he’s threatened:
Flowers and gifts arriving from an unknown source. Incognito stares from sketchy men on the street. Wolf-whistles that you get when you’re in a sexy number. Your guy can’t help but be ultra-suspicious of the male strangers that litter your everyday existence, if only to worry about your safety and security.

How you can help him: In the event that you’re out, traveling, or commuting solo, make it a point to keep in constant communication with your guy. There are a lot of crazy weirdos out there and he won’t see it as being clingy, but rather that you want to save him from the hassle of worrying about whether or not you’ll be found in a gutter somewhere come morning. It’s a win-win: him knowing you’re safe and sound will ease his mind, while aiding your safety in the process.  


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