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The TOP Reason You Should FORGIVE Him

It's so much healthier to let your resentment go. Even experts will tell you so.

A lover's quarrel can really put a strain on your relationship, especially if you become too consumed by anger to move on. If you've been holding a grudge against your guy, you need to get over it for the sake of one important thing: your health.

The Top Benefit Of Forgiveness

Research at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville suggests that forgiveness is good for you. Conflict and resentment take a toll on your body by raising your blood pressure and heart rate, and forgiveness reverses these effects. Whether or not the relationship works out in the end, you'll still be better off without the pent up bitterness festering in you.

How To Let Go Of Resentment

Express your anger, but as long as he makes an attempt to repair the situation, let it go, advises Kathleen A. Lawler, PhD, author of the study and a professor of Psychology at the University of Tennessee. Clinging to your anger will hurt you more than his initial transgression did.

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