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3 Unconventional Forms Of Foreplay

These out-of-bed activities with your man may seem pretty tame to you, but they actually make your bond under the sheets as sizzling as ever.

1. Whip out the broom.

A recent study found that men who do more work around the house have more sex. "Watching your guy pitch in makes you want to get closer to him," says Linda Miles, PhD, author of Friendship On Fire. Your doing more household chores will have the same booty-boosting effect on him, too.

2. Volunteer together.

Research shows that seeing each other devote time to a worthy cause deepens your emotional connection, which translates to a hotter sexual one. It's not quite the same as when he's walking around shirtless, but knowing that your man helps out at an orphanage kind of makes you want to grant him sexual favors, doesn't it?

3. Take him on.

"Competition prompts your body to release the same chemicals released during sex," says Mona Barbera, PhD, author of Bring Yourself To Love. Have a cook-off or bet on tonight's game. A contest can build the kind of tension that can only be let loose in bed.