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Weird Male Fetishes Explained!

Ever wonder why guys pine over milky-white armpits and dainty feet? It's only because they can't resist the visceral instincts that come with being, well, a guy.

If you still don’t know why your husband/boyfriend/father/brother take time off their busy schedule to sneak in some pornography viewing (yes, men watch X-rated movies, but it doesn’t make them love you any less), the answer may rest deep within the cavernous depths of their sexual psyche. Most men are too afraid to admit their sexual fetishes for fear of being judged by their peers and partners. And pornography–with its many genres and subcategories­– allows a vicarious escape away from the reality of vanilla sex.

What if you understood why men have these fetishes? Would it be easier for you to strangle him mid-romp or take a leak on his bare chest post-coitus? Maybe not, but here we list and explain some of the most common and strangest guy fetishes out there.

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