Why He Acts Weird After A Great Date

Just because he acts strangely distant after a hot date doesn't always mean he's not that into you.

The more a man digs you, the weirder he acts. Here’s what’s behind some mystifying male moves and the right way to respond.

He doesn’t kiss you after a great first date. When guys are with someone they’re really into (versus a fling), they’ll only move in once they’re positive you want them to. Show you’re interested with some casual touching, like squeezing his arm when he makes you laugh.

He plays with his phone. You twirl your hair when you’re nervous; men check their mobile inboxes. Tease him with a line like “Am I boring you?” If he has any manners at all, he’ll put it away for the night.

He waits forever to call. Annoying fact: Men focus more on work than relationships. If they’re swamped, they’ll ring you when they’re free, which could take days. Try making plans at the tail end of a date.

He follows up via text. Having you not return a text is easier than hearing you say “no thanks.” Text back that he should call you when he has time. He’ll know he won’t be rejected and actually dial your digits.

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