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Why He Never Says I Love You

If he doesn't say the three magic words, does it mean that he doesn't love you? Find out!

Does he really love me?

Maybe your guy dropped an L bomb about three months ago in some ridiculously romantic moment and hasn't said it since. Or maybe you've been dating for what feels like forever, and he's yet to spit one out. Whatever the case, you can't help but wonder what gives.

Here's the thing: Men have a very different sense of time than women. In Relationship Land, one week for a woman is the equivalent of three months for a guy, which is why he can fall hard and still have no clue that, um, now would be an apropos moment to utter those three little words. And once he does finally spill, g-luck getting an encore. "Because expressing emotion typically doesn't come easily for a man, saying 'I love you' even just once a month can seem like a lot," says Holly Pedersen, PhD, president of Talk Works, a company in Los Angeles that teaches couples how to communicate more effectively.

Okay, but that doesn't negate the fact that you still need feedback. So try setting the stage by suggesting that you go out for a romantic (hint, hint) dinner together. The atmosphere, intimacy, and going gaga over each other could be the nudge he needs.

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