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Why Does A Wink Make You Feel Hot & Bothered?

Bakit nga ba?!
Why does a wink turn you on?
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I once spent a solid five minutes smiling at my phone while watching a video compilation of BTS' Kim Taehyung winking. I'm not ashamed to say it made my day, and the rush lingered longer than I expected. It made me think of all the times I felt giddy after someone I found attractive winked at me IRL—'cause yknow that ish made me feel some type of wayPero bakit?

Why does a wink turn you on?
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A wink is ambiguous.

Like a smile, it can mean so many things. A wink can be friendly, flirty, and even sinister, but that *mysterious* element adds to its appeal. Think about it: You've probably sent a wink emoji to a friend or relative just to get a message or a joke across. It all boils down to context. 

A wink is less natural. 

Unlike a smile, however, a wink is more intentional. When you're happy, a smile is almost automatic. You don't even notice it unless someone points it out. But when your crush winks at you, suddenly you're thinking, "asdfgbnsdkjfhgbjd!!!" What does that mean? Does he like me? Are we about to hook up?! 

A wink involves eye contact.

And eye contact can imply a connection. According to Dr. Claudia Luiz, a psychoanalyst, "The reason a wink can be so sexy is the idea that you have a shared secret...Something between you that nobody else knows about, but has no language—just like sex." That's why when your boyfriend or girlfriend winks at you discreetly at a party, it's exciting AF. Furthermore, Patti Wood, a body language expert, says that winking can convey a lack of threat: "[It] is a way of softening of what could be considered threatening continued eye contact." 

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A wink is powerful. 

So much so that when you send a wink emoji, it can be just as effective, especially now that people are trying to establish a connection on dating apps during a pandemic. Instead of locking eyes in a crowded room and reading each other's body language, a wink emoji can bridge that gap (and tbh, it's sexier than the eggplant or sweat emoji, lol). 

But let's not forget: A wink can also be creepy. 

When it comes to dating, people react to winks positively when there's already attraction between two people. If you don't have those feelings for someone and they wink at you, it can come across as weird or even creepy. It's also about timing. Can you imagine being at the grocery store and accidentally making eye contact with someone in the same aisle tapos they wink at you?! It's a no. 


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