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5 Loud And Proud Color Combinations To Try, As Seen On Liz Uy

PHOTO: Instagram/lizzzuy

Always the fierce fashionista, Liz Uy is such a pro when it comes to wearing together the boldest pieces and the brightest colors. No matter how out-of-this-world it seems, she always manages to make it work.

Perhaps, all we need is a little imagination. For starters, how about we try these bold color combinations inspired by her recent OOTDs:


The combo: Feels like summer! You're sure to light up any room you'll walk into.

Where to wear this: To an important meeting and you need to make a statement...unless it's a strictly corporate setting, and there's a high chance eyebrows will be raised. Wear with caution!

Key pieces: Suit co-ordinates in a seafoam green (also try: high waist shorts instead of trousers!) worn with a silky pink top that adds a feminine touch. Other than mixing together shocking colors, Liz Uy also juxtaposes different fabrics in this look.

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The combo: A fashion-forward combination that attracts luck and good vibes.

Where to wear this: On a date! You're sure to know more about your potential life partner when you go a bit overboard through an outfit he may not exactly be expecting. Watch his reaction closely!

Key pieces: Find a puff-sleeved top in bright purple, or any top that has a lot of structure and feminine details. Pair it with trousers in a classic silhouette (crisp, front pleats, etc) but in an unconventional color.

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The combo: Very cool and easy on the eyes.

Where to wear this: At family reunions when you kind of want to keep a low-profile but still want to dress up the way you usually do—chic and colorful.

Key pieces: Notice that Liz sticks to two main colors—blue and purple, and selects pieces from the same color spectrum. Her trench coat in cerulean matches her sunglasses and bag, while her pants and pumps are of the same color family.

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The combo: Super cute and playful!

Where to wear this: On vacation with your girl friends. 

Key pieces: Start with a pink silk top that feels like a luxe pajama, then cover up with a furry coat in lieu of a warm blanket—and you're instantly pajama party ready! Find a cute accessory like barrettes or headbands.

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The combo: Afternoon outing. It reminds you of a sunset by the sea, doesn't it?

Where to wear this: When you're off running errands in the middle of the day, or are out for afternoon tea. This outfit is best worn in broad daylight.

Key pieces: For this look in particular, Liz incorporates key neutrals to balance out the orange and blue, with her almond brown trench and stark white boots, which kind of tones down the look.


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