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In Carmina Villaroel's Bag: Designer Purses

The TV host loves collecting wallets and leather goods. Think Hermes and Louis Vuitton, stashed inside her bag.

It seems Carmina Villaroel has it all--a busy showbiz career, numerous brand endorsement deals and TV commercials, a life-partner in actor Zoren Legaspi, with whom she was blessed with adorable twins who are now also popular product endorsers. The actress and host of daily morning talk show SIS (with sisters Janice and Gelli de Belen) has mesmerized us since her Palibhasa Lalake days, wherein she played the then-tweetums Cathy. TV viewers will also soon see her acting again, as she may have a number of upcoming roles in soaps.

When Cosmo caught up with Carmina during one of her engagements, we couldn't resist finding out what the busy celeb totes in her red Hermes Kelly bag. We were amused to find that she carries with her an array of designer purses, mostly Louis Vuitton leather goods, where she keeps the tinier contents of her bag organized and well-kept.

Click on the gallery button below to see Carmina's collection of must-have items, some of her posh possessions, as well as her daily essentials.

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