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This Local Online Shop Sells The *Cutest* Colorful Accessories


Dainty, minimalist accessories have taken the spotlight for quite some time now, and while you can never go wrong with those classics, it also wouldn’t hurt to shake things up a bit and opt for bold, bright-colored pieces, too. (We mean, we’ll take anything that reminds us of sunshine and happy days!) 

Enter: Local accessories shop Oh Na Na! They carry the most adorable and stylish colorful accessories that you’ll want to wear every single day. They have everything from rainbow-colored earrings, rings, and necklaces, to personalized bracelets reminiscent of the friendship bracelets we used to make when we were kids. (Their selection of earrings will make you want to get another piercing, tbh!)


We talked to Oh Na Na owners, sisters Tyzia Mathay-Teves and Tiffany Mathay-Reyes, to tell us all about their colorful and ultra-cute brand: 

What was your vision for Oh Na Na?

We’ve always dreamed of creating our own lifestyle brand. We decided to kick that off with our favorite everyday basics—fun and quirky accessories—for now. We launched with a line of statement pieces and fun collections that we happily put together, after some crazy debacles, pitted passions and lots of love! Eventually though, we’d like to stretch this out to other accessories, even clothing and home decor, all reflecting our bright and bold characters. In everything we decide to sell, we simply aim to excite and even inspire!

What made you decide to start this business?

We both love to shop! Our husbands figured that if we enjoy creating and putting all these accessories together, why not share it with everyone and turn it into a little passion project? So being truthful to our taste and passion for accessorizing, we wanted to have a brand that speaks about our different personalities through the statement pieces we carry. And we’re both busy mamas so we wanted to do something we truly enjoy during our free time—creating and putting together fun pieces.

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Can you tell me the story behind the catchy name?

Tyzia: My daughter’s name is Marina and her nickname is Nana. She loves playing dress up and never fails to catch everyone’s attention with her little antics. I always catch myself saying “Oh na na!” with a huge smile on my face and it somehow just stuck. Luckily enough, Tiffany’s son is named Kona, so she just agreed to putting that in there. Haha! It was catchy and it stuck.


What's the process behind creating the cute and colorful designs?

All of the pieces are items we really use. They are pieces that we love to have and we know others can have fun with, too. Pieces that complete and complement any outfit and mood.

Tell us why you chose to produce such fun, bright-colored accessories!

Tyzia: That’s always been my personality. I’ve always been about colors—I grew up with the Rainbow Brite, The Carebears, My Little Pony, and Popples, and those characters just stuck with me. They became part of me. I’ve always been drawn to colorful things. Same goes with Tiffany—she’s a ’90s kid—when loud neon colors were all the rage.


Tiffany: Tyz and I shared the same room growing up, so I was constantly surrounded by all those colors and characters, which of course, I am obsessed with, too. I also did gymnastics growing up, so all the fun leotards were part of my daily life, haha!

Don’t get us wrong, we love the classics and staples that minimalist brands focus on these days, but there’s just something about fun loving quirky accessories that instantly picks up a mood. They make us happy, giddy. They inspire.


Which designs are your personal favorites?

Tyzia: ALL the colorful STACKS and the classic Gatsbys to give them that touch of elegance. But recently, I’ve been drooling over the latest drop: Oh Na Na Classy Letter Beads.

Tiffany: The STACKS are a must because I’ve always been a super stacker! The Slicks are also part of my daily rotation. Lastly, I love all the personalized pieces, I’m a sucker for everything personalized.


What's the price range for your pieces?

P480-2,100 per piece. We wanted to have pieces that were affordable but are great quality, too.

What else can we look forward to from Oh Na Na?

Oh, a lot! Trust me, we will have pleasant surprises ALL THE TIME. We’ve only just begun! 

To check out Oh Na Na’s pieces and place your orders, follow them on Instagram.

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