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How To Incorporate Red Into Your Daily OOTDs, According To Camille Co

Add *energy* and life into your lewks.
PHOTO: Instagram/itscamilleco

Keep the gloomy mood to the weather and look forward to brighter, fashionable days ahead by wearing red. On our radar atm is Camille Co, whose statement red outfits are giving us ~*life*~. For its warmth, vibrancy, and shock appeal, we're looking at wearing this hue to keep us warm and fuzzy as we tread through the rainy days in style.

  1. Red pants + slouchy shirt

    Casual days may tempt you to dress down in a t-shirt and jeans, but why not level up the lewk by trading your denims for a funky pair of high-waist red trousers? It's an instant change from working girl to *fab* working girl, and the best part? You can still keep your slouchy t-shirt on.

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  2. Red hot boots

    Silky red booties are the perfect excuse to go drab and dreary on everything else. A non-descript office outfit? Sure, your red booties will still stand out. Got nothing else but a boring gray and monochrome? No worries, the red boots will do the walking... and talking.

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  3. Varsity reds

    Out on tour? If your day's agenda calls for a lot of walking, running, and lotsa physical activities in between, it's not an excuse to wear a forgettable gym outfit. Take cues from the style maven herself, and choose unforgettable hues like red. It’ll look better in photos, too.

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  4. Red floral dress

    Every girl may own a floral dress, but not every girl has one in ~red~. While some may find it too much, well...they are missing the point. Red is meant for all eyes to turn to you and for you to accept it and absorb all the good energy. Now go forth and wear one and in a floral print, loud and proud.

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  5. Red maillot

    If swimming is on today's agenda, then dive into the cool pool in your unapologetically bright red swimsuit. It's the hue that best stands out against nature's calming blues and greens!

  6. Maxi dress

    A red maxi dress to the beach? Camille shows us that yes, it can be done. She is living proof of it! Disrupt the scenery’s peace and quiet—in style—by doing so. It's chic, harmless, and fun. Giant hat optional! ;)

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  7. Monochrome

    More red, more impact. It's refreshing (or shall we say red-freshing?) to see boyish silhouettes in punchy hues as red and its variations (bye, bye navy blues, army greens, and soft grays!), and we're totally embracing this *fresh* change. Ahhh.

  8. Red accessories to boot!

    By now you must've gotten the message. It's the era of extra, and there's no backing down. Find a red hair accessory, put it on, and match it with your beauty lewk, e.g. coral-red lids and sweet red puckers. Don't be shy!

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  9. Add a pop of color

    If today is boring outfit day (maybe you've ran out of options? maybe your best pieces are still in the laundry?), believe us when we say you have the power to make an OOTD happen. See how Camille Co turns a simple jeans-top-sandals look into one that's Instagram-worthy. Just add red!

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  10. Red + pink realness

    Red and pink. Red and pink. Red and pink. Repeat until memorized. This color combo has been alive for years and has survived fashion seasons, which makes it safe to say it isn't going anywhere, at least for now. So, again, how should one wear red? Well… add pink.

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