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Apparently, We’ve Been Pronouncing Zara Wrong

This whole time.

Who doesn’t love Zara? The Spanish high street retailer is one of our first stops whenever we go shopping, because really, who can resist those runway-inspired looks? You know the drill: “Babe, can we pass by Zara? Parang I wanna shop.” Yup.

So when we saw this piece on Refinery29 about the correct way to pronounce the brand, we were intrigued. According to a representative from the brand’s headquarters in Spain, THIS is how you pronounce Zara:

If you’ve ever taken basic Spanish in college, you’d know those fiery Europeans pronounce the letter Z as “th.” And after hearing that clip, it certainly sounds to us like the Zara employee pronounced it as “thara.”

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BUT according to Refinery29, it’s actually “tsada” or “dzadah.” See, Zara is based in Artexio, Spain, which follows the Northern Castillian dialect. They say their Zs as “th,” while their Rs sound like Ds. 

Do you think this pronunciation will catch on in the Philippines?

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