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These 2021 Jewelry Trends Are So ~*Pretty*~, You'll Want To Wear Them Right Now

Oooh, so shiny!

2020 is just about over (thank God), but that means we'll be seeing tons of new fashion trends out there. From RTW to shoes and bags, there's a lot of ground to cover in 2021. But let's not forget about the jewelry trends! I mean, during quarantine this past year jewelry stood out as an easy way to dress up any look even if you were just wearing loungewear. And that mentality will no doubt continue in 2021.

If you want a sneak peek of what you'll be seeing, you can expect things like updated baroque pearls, beaded necklaces, and major earring moments that will have you camera-ready for any virtual meeting. And if you're not ready to go all out on your jewelry, you can keep it simple with pendant necklaces and subtly textured metals. So if you're as excited as I am about the new year (for more reasons than one), keep scrolling for the best 2021 jewelry trends that you can shop for immediately. 

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  1. Mis-matched Earrings

    Mis-match your earrings or wear one solo. You'll be right on trend!

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  2. Colorful Beads

    You'll be the center of attention when wearing this fun multicolored style.

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  3. Baroque Pearls

    Irregular shapes give classic pearls a more modern update.

    Jewelry Trends 2021
    Victor Virgile/Getty Images
  4. Colorful Charms

    You'll want to add allll the kitschy, bright charms to your chain necklaces.

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  5. Crystal Statement Earrings

    Aka, how to stand out in your constant Zoom meetings.

    Jewelry Trends 2021

  6. Big Orbs

    It's official. Big ol' circular shapes are here to take over 2021.

    Jewelry Trends 2021
    Courtesy of Rodebjer
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  7. Thick Chain Links

    Chain links have been H-U-G-E lately, and the good news? They're not going anywhere.

    Jewelry Trends 2021
    Courtesy of Victoria Beckham
  8. Uneven Metal Textures earring

    It's all about textures this year, so look out for this crushed metal vibe when picking out your next jewelry piece.

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  9. Extra Long Pendant Necklaces

    A pendant necklace—especially one that's super long—will get all the compliments this year.

  10. Star-Shaped Earrings

    I think I'm seeing stars with this pretty trend. Okay, I know, I'll see myself out.

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