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How To Show Off Your Cute Bag In An OOTD Pic, According To Heart Evangelista

It's all about the right pose!
PHOTO: instagram/iamhearte

Cute bags aren't just practical accessories meant to store our entire lives in, but they can be shown off perfectly in an OOTD pic with just the right ~*pose*~ and angle! Work those IG skills the right way by letting Heart Evangelista be your guide. Here's how the stylish actress shows off her bags in an OOTD pic:

Wear a jacket or coat that perfectly matches your bag's color. Cross your arms slightly and make sure your bag is front-and-center!

It helps if you're taking the pic at a location with a lot of neutral colors, like a big city:

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If you're flaunting a bag with more monochrome colors, take a pic standing on a tiled floor.

Pose sideways with your head cheekily tilted toward the camera:

If you're wearing a crossbody bag, make sure it rests comfortably on your waist and take a half-body pic.

Bonus points if you're somewhere more chilly, and sporting a coat as cute as Heart's below:

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You can also lean-sit casually against a wall:

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Sometimes your bag doesn't even have to be on you for you to show it off well! Wear an outfit in a color that contrasts your bag, and rest it next to you on a table.

For that ~*travel OOTD*~ feel, you can also rest your bag next to you as you sit on a bridge. Just make sure you (or your bag) won't fall off!

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Never underestimate the power of a good candid walking shot!

This showcases the rest of the outfit, and how well your bag goes with it:

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Make sure your bag is ternong-terno with your accessories.

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