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Where To Buy *Quirky* Handmade Clay Earrings For A Non-Boring Girl Like You

Pan de sal earrings? Yes, please!
PHOTO: (Left to right) Instagram/luna.obra, Instagram/handmadebyjenebik

If you're into quirky accessories, you'll surely love ones made using polymer clay. Since they are handmade, you can ask for a specific (aka unusual) design to be made for you! They are also scene-stealers because they look so *different* from our usual ear candies.

That said, if you're not into minimalist or floral earrings, we've compiled a bunch of Instagram shops that offer quirky ear candy food and plants designs. Check them out below:

  1. Luna Obra

    Follow them: @luna.obra

    We spotted their street food earrings a while back, and we're happy to report that you can also ask them to create a customized design for you!

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  2. Poiema Craft

    Follow them: @poiemacrafts

    These cactus earrings definitely make a statement!

  3. Customs by Jenebik

    Follow them: @handmadebyjenebik

    Check out the detail in these sushi platter earrings! Customs by Jenebik also create Funko Pops-inspired accessories that you can have customized and give as gifts.

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  4. Tropik Beatnik

    Follow them: @tropikbeatnik

    If you're into sustainable art, you'll definitely love Tropik Beatnik's accessories. They're all made using clay, upcycled fabric, brass, and other environment-friendly materials.

  5. Dear Dahlia by Pam

    Follow them: @dahliabypam

    Take your precious fascination for succulents wherever you go by wearing these earrings.

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  6. Hello Mela

    Follow them: @hellomelaph

    These coffee bean drop earrings look so realistic!

  7. Hanya.Co

    Follow them: @hanya.co_

    Be still, our plantita hearts.

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