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Trend Tip: Cinch Your Waist

Show off that waist and create the illusion of an hour glass figure. Curves rule this season by way of belted dresses.
Take on this trend by donning ‘40s inspired styles a la screen sirens Lauren Bacall and Katherine Hepburn, who were the fashion icons of the time. For its updated look, get styling hints from Lanvin and Hermes that showed off belted dresses best.

Photo Courtesy of Missy by Bayo

Work Wear
Look prim and proper for the workplace in a slim pencil cut belted dress. Opt for a colored belt as an accent to your usual safe, neutral shades. If you refuse to wear a dress to work, you can still join the waistband wagon by wearing one of your tailored two-piece skirt suits then adding a slim belt.

Casual Chic
Look dainty in a slightly poufy or baloonish floral or plaid dress that’s cinched at the waist with a belt. Pair it with ballerina flats or lace-up sandals for a laid-back Stepford Wife look without the stiffness. We like this blooming belted dress from

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Night Out
Stand out on the dance floor with a short and slinky number like this sexy satin dress from Unarosa that you can complement with a wide or slim belt. Pair it with your favorite booties to complete the look.
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