7 Types of Watches For Every Working Girl

7 Types of Watches For Every Working Girl

Time to make a good impression!
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If you're a twentysomething who thinks your phone could be your watch, think again: owning and wearing a timepiece indicates you're a grown-ass adult who gets stuff done when it needs to be done. 

Here, 14 different styles on our watch list: 

  1. You don't like wasting time.

    For the modern woman who’s always on the go. Can’t be bothered to count the minutes by fives!

    Gold digital watch, P1,595, Casio

    White digital watch, P6,765.18, Nixon

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  2. You're all for classy and uncomplicated.

    If you want one watch to wear daily, you might as well stick with the classics.

    Black ceramic bracelet watch, P5,953.35, Anne Klein

    Silver bracelet watch, P4,474.65, Timex

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  3. You want a subtle way to show your girly side.

    Still professional-looking, but totally YOU. 

    Pink leather strap watch, P6,284.63, Nixon

    Floral face watch, P6,494.74, Olivia Burton 

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  4. You borrow from the boys.

    You like heavy, bulky watches you could’ve stolen from your BF, brother, or dad. Whatever men can do—you can do better.

    Classic watch with nautical stripes, P8,798.48, Daniel Wellington

    Chronograph stainless steel watch, P8,295.70, Fossil

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  5. You like leather.

    Your style is casual, but everyone knows you're in charge. 

    Classic watch with roman numerals, P3,368.56, Timex

    Brown leather watch, P7,792.94, Fossil

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  6. You like things with a twist. 

    You're very detail-oriented—in the way you work, and in your choice of timepieces. 

    Starry face watch, P9,350, Tommy Hilfiger

    Leafy face watch, P7,541.55, Nixon

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  7. You want to go from work to your workout.

    You have a life outside of the office, and people always ask you, "How do you do it?"

    Sport smartwatch, P13,826.18, Fossil

    Watch with wireless activity tracker, P9,739.15, Fitbit

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