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Beaded Colorful Accessories Are Popular Again; Here's Where To Buy Them Online

Wear them alone or stack them up!

Lately, we've been obsessing over handmade pieces such as dried flower resin jewelry—just knowing that a lot of heart and soul was put into making them makes them all the more special. Another handcrafted one we've spotted all over Instagram are beaded friendship bracelets—yup, the ones you and your friends used to make are ~cool~ again. Ahead, check out these Instagram shops that sell and customize these cute trinkets:

  1. Fairy Beads

    Follow them: @fairybeadsph

    Aside from colorful beads, Fairy Beads use cute and chunky wooden charms to set their pieces apart.

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  2. Little Bean Salad

    Follow them: @littlebeansalad

    How cute is this bracelet stack? We're obsessed with how ~customizable~ these pieces are!

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  3. 19 25

    Follow them: @19.__.25

    Aside from bracelets, this Instagram shop also offers chokers, anklets, and tumbler holders!

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  4. Oh Nana

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    We love the ~variety~ of beads that they use—it makes their pieces look interesting.

  5. 48 KLUB

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    You can wear this rainbow-beaded piece on its own because it's so colorful! The best part, though, is that you can customize the letter beads to spell out your name.

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  6. Neocore

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    How cute is this letter choker and butterfly necklace combination? Aside from their customizable pieces, check out Neocore's cool pendants and drop earrings, too!

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  7. Planet Harajuku

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    Planet Harajuku has a lot of customizable pieces, but they also come out with collections like their Red Velvet bracelets that have the members' names and the titles of their popular songs.

  8. Pew Pew Kiwi

    Follow them: @pewpewkiwi

    If you're not into bright and vivid colors for your trinkets, Pew Pew Kiwi offers pieces with pastel hues that are just so ~aesthetic~.

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