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This Genius Hack Will Help You Put On A Bracelet On Your Own

Why haven't we thought of this sooner?
How To Put On A Bracelet
PHOTO: Pexels

We're pretty sure many of us are familiar with the struggle of clasping our bracelets on our own. It's hard to do it with one hand! We usually ask for assistance for others to help us accomplish the seemingly simple fashion task. Sometimes, we even skip wearing a bracelet just because it's a struggle to lock it in, especially if it is made with a fine chain.

Thankfully, TikTok user Jessica Wang shared a hack that we could all try so we can finally know how to put a bracelet on ourselves. You simply have to attach a paper clip on the small ring, so you could hold the bracelet still while you hook the lobster claw clasp. Genius, right?

It's pretty easy and it really works! Watch the full demo below:


Watch this! How to put on a bracelet by yourself. ##lifehack ##girlproblems ##styletips ##fyp

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