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How To Choose The Right Pair Of Sunglasses

Did you know that the right sunnies can create amazing optical illusions for both your face and body? Cosmo shows you how to pick wisely!

They say great things come in pairs. So just like the perfect-fitting pair of jeans, keep in mind these two things when buying your next pair of sunglasses: Shape and Size.

No, I wasn’t referring to your boyfriend’s buddy (as I fondly call it). Rather, consider the shape and size of BOTH your face and eyewear frames. No matter how fab a pair of shades are, if they don’t complement your face shape, you’re better off without them.

The rule of thumb is opposites attract (Face Shape vs. Frame Shape).

Here are the basic face shapes (which can also help you with proper makeup application), plus frame shape recommendations:

SQUARE: Face is angular with a strong jaw, broad forehead, and square chin.
Celebrity Pegs: Demi Moore, Rhian Ramos

  • Opt for round or oval frames to offset your angular facial contours.
  • Avoid angled or geometric frames which will only harden your facial features and may even make you look too masculine (and I don’t mean in a sexy, androgynous way).
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ROUND: Face is all curved, with full cheeks and minimal angles.
Celebrity Pegs: Renee Zellweger, Heart Evangelista

  • We look best in square or rectangular frames, which give the illusion of higher cheekbones. Since round faces hardly have angles, your frames can provide you with the instant angles you need!
  • Unless you wish to look like a marshmallow, stay away from round or oval frames.
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HEART: Your face is wider at the forehead and temples then narrow at the chin.
Celebrity Pegs: Iya Villania, Reese Witherspoon

  • I’ve seen Iya sporting cat-eye, a.k.a. sexy secretary eyewear, and it looks perfect since the pair's shape is opposite that of a heart-shaped face (narrow at the temples and wider toward the chin).
  • Complementing this face shape is tricky, so another option is to go rimless or semi-rimless.

OVAL: Considered to be the perfect frame canvas, this face shape can pull off almost all frames!
Celebrity Pegs: Cosmo cover girls Megan Fox and Bea Alonzo

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  • Add more dimensions to your soft facial angles by wearing a geometric frame.

OBLONG: Your face is longer than oval but not necessarily wide.
Celebrity Pegs: Sarah Jessica Parker, Shaina Magdayao

  • To balance the length of your face, opt for wide frames, which give a perpendicular effect. Be careful not to wear frames wider than your face, as this will only accentuate how long your face is.

Size does matter, no matter what Jackie O or Nicole Richie may say! Unless you wish to make a fashion statement (which you can confidently carry), the size of eyewear frames must be directly proportional to the size of your face. Smaller faces call for smaller frames and vice versa.

Another tip: Frame colors are just like makeup. Warm tones like tortoise shell, gold, brown, and maroon bring out the yellow in Asian skin tone. This can enhance one’s tan or natural honey-colored skin. Cool-toned frames, on the other hand, like royal blue, purple, red, and silver, give the illusion of fairer skin or, for some, paler skin. A better move would be to color coordinate your makeup with your preferred sunnies to make your full-on ensemble a vision of perfection!

The next time you shop for some sunnies, blink your eyes and chant these three words: Shape. Size. (Plus) Color!

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