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Where To Get Minimalist Sandals That Will Look Good With Any Outfit

Understated chic.
Where to buy minimalist sandals
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/annieandlori, Instagram/olivia.mnl

If you find yourself loving the simple, minimalist aesthetic more, you'll be glad to come across this guide! Below, we've listed down all the places where you can buy minimalist sandals that we ~*absolutely*~ swear would go with any outfit. These come in neutral hues and chic designs that can help make you look more put-together. The best part? Most of our suggestions are locally made!

Ahead, the brands that sell chic, minimalist sandals.

  1. Annie and Lori


    What to get: Everything!

    Annie and Lori Atarah Sandals
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  2. Tazanna


    What to get: Zoe, Meadow, Amalfi, Howser

    Tazanna Minimalist Sandals
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  3. Colore Philippines


    What to get: Bela, Charlotte

    Colore Minimalist Sandals
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  4. Aztrid Shoes


    What to get: Callie, Polly

    Aztrid Minimalist Sandals

  5. Renegade Folk; @renegadefolk

    What to get: Flow, Feeling Good

    Renegade Folk Flow Sandals
    Renegade Folk
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  6. Payless; Payless Lazada Official Store

    What to get: Santa Monica Selene Slide

    Payless Slides

  7. Criza; Criza Shopee Store

    What to get: Blake, Lana

    Crizia Minimalist Sandals
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  8. La Solédad

    What to get: Everything!

    La Soledad Minimalist Sandals

  9. Dune London

    What to get: Nicci Di, Memee

    Dune Memee Sandals
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  10. Olivia 


    What to get: Everything, LOL!

    Olivia.Mnl Minimalist Sandals

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