So adorable!
Team Kramer is currently vacationing in Boracay, and we're loving their family photos! Just look at their cute "sandwich pose" by the beach:Doug, Chesca, and their kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin love hamming it up for the camera.Doug says, "
'The world is not ready!'
There's no escaping the"Dalagang Pilipina" challenge-after Arjo Atayde, Jessy Mendiola, Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis, and other celebs take it on, it's Team Kramer's turn. Doug, Chesca, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin give it their best shot in this
Time to plan your VLs, you guys!
It's summer and we can absolutely feel the heat (the recent water interruptions in the Metro certainly don't help)! If you're still planning your VLs and waiting for your friends to agree on dates and locations,
They've been together for 16 years!
After reminding husbands to date their wives, Doug Kramer shared more tips on how to nurture a lasting relationship in an Instagram Stories Q&A. "Put the Lord at the center of your relationship. Love and respect her. Do the things you'
Doug, you've raised the bar.
Chesca Kramer got her Valentine greeting a month early this time around. Her husband Doug Kramer took at shot at the viral #10YearChallenge by posting a photo of Chesca, not from 10 years ago but 22 years ago. He captioned, "Saw all
Let's have a peek into their Christmas celebrations all over the world.
Queen Catriona wrote in her IG post, "I am grateful for so, so much. This year all my prayers were answered. More so, I am so thankful I get to be with my loving parents and through Ms. Universe, be able to
Don't forget to take your own family photos!
It's no secret that some celebrity families go all-out during the holidays, and it shows even when it comes to their not-so-traditional Christmas photos. Who knows, you might even get some pegs from them for your own
Her reaction is priceless!
Guys, remember when Scarlett Kramer cried because she wanted iKON member Bobby to come to her birthday party? To recap: On March 23, Scarlett's dad, PBA player Doug Kramer, posted a video on his Insta account where he asked fans
Cosmo spoke to event planner Teena Barretto.
ICYDK, Chesca and Doug Kramer just renewed their vows! Cosmopolitan got all the details from their event planner and coordinator, Teena Barretto. Turns out, it was Chesca who planned the entire thing! Teena revealed, "If you know [her], she's not
Define #SquadGoals.
We all have our own squads, but others seem to be having a lot more fun than ours. Celebrities define #SquadGoals when it comes to their Instagram feeds, travel destinations, and even wedding photos. Here are local celeb cliques we'd
For these little ones, throwback pics wouldn't be embarrassing AT ALL.
Sure, we turn to Instagram for OOTD ideas, but who would have thought the inspiration would come from kids?! The Kramers' baby girls are already leagues ahead when it comes to dressing up (and posing)! Kim Kardashian's firstborn is
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on June 15, 2018!
CarGel shippers-us included-are going crazy right now, because Angelica Panganiban posted a photo of her with former boyfriend/love team Carlo Aquino with the caption: "Reunited and it feels so good."Fans wondered what she meant by "reunited." Could it
Her reaction is priceless!
It's still a long way to go before Scarlett Kramer's seventh birthday, which is in November, but Scarlett has already received one of the best gifts of her life.Yesterday, March 23, Scarlett's father, Philippine Basketball
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on January 17, 2018!
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Do gender roles have a place in 2017?
By now you've probably already heard of the hullaballoo surrounding PBA player Doug Kramer and his wife, model/actress Chesca Kramer. For those of you who haven't gotten to sip the tea, here is the Facebook post which has garnered
Doug had LOTS of HAIR!!!
It's no secret we're fans of Team Kramer: We've written about their stylish kids, stalked their family website, and wished them all the best when we found out that Doug had a mild stroke in 2016. With three kids:
'We were merely posting photos and videos, and it came as a surprise to us that there was a growing number of followers.'
Team Kramer is one of the most famous local showbiz families today, but how they started was quite unconventional. Yes, Cheska Garcia-Kramer (aka Mama Kramer) has been a well-known personality-starting as a child actress and model in the '90s-
That's why she's called #KendraSuperstar.
When Kendra Kramer's pre-birthday photos came out, we knew we were in for something HUGE.The eldest daughter of the Kramer Klan held her 7th birthday at the Blue Leaf Events Pavillion (Yup, the same place Chesca Garcia and Doug
Makes you wonder how big her actual birthday party will be!
The eldest child in Team Kramer, Kendra Kramer, is turning seven years old in a week. (Gosh, we're getting old.)To celebrate this milestone, her parents, Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer, gave her a super special pre-birthday photo shoot with
#FamilyPeg for life!
Team Kramer has just gotten bigger with the launch of their new website,! Yep, Cheska and Doug Kramer, along with their adooorable tiny tots Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin, have officially found an online home. The introduction in the website reads, "
Or why we know nothing about fashion.
Ah, the Kramer kids.Doug and Cheska Kramer's three kids, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin, have about 15,000 posts devoted to them on Instagram-all thanks to their hashtags #kendrasuperstar, #scarlettdoll, and #gavincredible. We can't blame y'all for reposting
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