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It's available for a limited time only!
If you're a milk tea addict who wants a more ~*adult*~ vibe to your fave drink may we suggest that you try the drinks from The Johnnie Highball Bar? It's an interactive pop-up at Burgos Park, Forbestown
Lisa recently became the face of a global whisky brand.
Thailand authorities have decided to investigate the widespread circulation of liquor advertisements featuring BLACKPINK's Lisa.According to multiple local sources, the Office of the Alcohol Control Committee (OACC) has been tasked to investigate Thai citizens who have posted and shared
It's time to give your usual soju + Yakult combo a rest.
In case you're need of a good boozy drink, soju will always be one of your best bets. Aside from being really accessible, you can also pair it with a ton of different beverages to create new concoctions. One classic
'I wouldn't be able to control myself.'
Bella Hadid is joining the ranks of sober celebs-and she's being refreshingly candid about her experiences with alcohol and why she decided to stop drinking.For context, Bella's journey to sobriety is tied to her work with
'First sip pa lang, I already knew it wouldn't take long before I get tipsy.'
One of the things I miss most about my life pre-pandemic is the freedom to go out and drink with my friends. On a typical Friday night, we'd hit the bars after work, down a couple boozy drinks, and
The brand also has watermelon soju, wow!
There's no denying how soju has became a staple in our supermarkets and convenience stores. What's commonly sold in the Philippines are peach, blueberry, green grapes, and strawberry-flavored soju, while there are also more unique soju flavors
Treat yourself to a glass (or two, lol).
Seaweed, cheese bokki, and ice cream-these are just some of the things I usually stock up on when I do my regular trips to the Korean grocery store. And if there's one other item I cannot leave without, it
Aside from the mind-blowing and heart-thumping scenes, Vincenzo introduced us to makgeolli. If you have already tasted all the *unique* flavors of soju and have whipped up your own soju cocktail recipes at home, then it's time for
So Instagrammable!
When it comes to mixed drinks you can easily whip up on your own, soju paired with Yakult is undefeated. If you are, however, tired of this combination, we have a suggestion for you: Why not try creating your very own alcoholic ~*
We hope these become available locally soon!
When you're craving soju or a soju cocktail, it's easy to get those cravings fixed just by going to the nearest convenience store or the nearest supermarket. These green-colored bottles filled with a clear distilled alcoholic beverage
These drinks are perfect for the summer!
Here's something you should know about me: Soju is one of my favorite ~alcoholic~ beverages, due to how flexible it is. You can mix just about anything to it and you get a new boozy drink out of it! I
Send this to your barkada!
If you've got an e-numan with your barkada soon, chances are you're already thinking about what drink you'll be having (or chugging, lol) during the call. Soju and wine might be the easiest to prepare,
An expert explains why you feel more drunk on some days.
Although Christmas celebrations this year will be very different due to the pandemic, it's possible you'll still be enjoying a few glasses of wine at some point over the festive period.However, one question we've always
Some of these ingredients might already be in your kitchen!
The holidays will surely be a little different this time around, but the quarantine shouldn't stop you from celebrating the *most wonderful time of the year*. You can still enjoy the Christmas season in the comfort of your own home.
The fizz is addicting.
If you've ever been to a 7-Eleven store to buy a bottle of soju, then it's highly likely you've also seen the other alcoholic beverages sold right beside it. Have you ever seen a clear
It's the grown-up version of your fave childhood candy.
Other people might say that candy is just for children, but we're here to say otherwise. Gummy bears, everyone's favorite childhood candy, is given the grown-up treatment by Sparkling Gummies (@sparkling_gummies), an Instagram shop that sells ~spiked~
Ridiculously relatable!
As much as I hate talking about hugot and feelings, I can't help but be fascinated by the names of the drinks from Tagay Cocktails. Their IG bio says "Bottled cocktails for your bottled emotions," and I think they deserve
Try not to get too buzzed.
If there's one thing I miss most about my life pre-quarantine, it's the fact that I get to freely go out and drink with my friends. Nothing beats the feeling of going to a bar and just
I'm sorry.
We all know that alcohol isn't great, sure, it's all fun and games when you're singing Beyonce to a captivated audience of night bus dwellers, but it's not-so-good for your skin."There'
So good!
Soju is always a good choice if you're in need of a boozy drink because it's so accessible and there are a ton of other beverages you can mix with it. If you are, however, tired of pairing