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'Bagani' co-star Liza Soberano also came to her defense.
Bagani star Sofia Andres took to Twitter to thank those people who stood behind her amidst controversies concerning her professional attitude and behavior. She wrote, "I'm thankful for all those people who defended me. I felt special for a moment,
'The truth is I have no self-confidence, I have insecurities, yes I do.'
Sofia Andres took to Instagram to issue a long apology letter to people she may not have been cordial with, and simply noted that her behavior was borne out of her "fear of rejection."She wrote,"Hi everybody, I just want to
Want to know just how serious he is about you? These behaviors signal that he's ready to take the relationship to a deeper level.
1. He starts talking specifics.If "We should take a trip sometime" has become "Let's go to Boracay for the holidays," your guy is sending a strong signal. Making concrete plans indicates not only that he sees you in his future,
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Some girlfriend dos and don'ts are better known than others. For sure, you know that you should tell your guy how great he is in bed, and not how amazing sex with your ex was. But, in certain situations, it can
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At A Party As soon as you walk into a soiree, seek out the host and say hello...then follow up by asking him or her to introduce you to some of the other guests in the room. If he or she