Learn how to look chic in this top trending look!
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Celebrities, they're just like us.
We've been hearing Christmas carols as early as September, but there is nothing quite like having One Direction, Justin Bieber, and more talented musicians rocking out to "Joy to the World" aboard James Corden's Carpool Karaoke SUV.READ MORE:
Looking pretty isn't always easy.
Let's face it, when it comes to the world of beauty, whether you're a pro or still a newbie, disasters, mishaps, and just all sorts of challenges have become a part of it all. From uneven eyeliner to nail art
Because it's super important to keep your skin healthy and protected!
Aside from looking your best and being comfortable while you commute, it's equally important to protect your skin from all the stress and pollution that comes with from traveling. Here, everything you need to have in your kikay kit if you
Time for that much-needed catch up sesh.
1. K and L CafeWhite Plains, QC across Pan de AmerikanaOpen daily, 7am - 9:30pm When we were kids our Mom usually serve these Baguio and Vigan Longanisa during breakfast before heading to school! Come taste and experience our Baguio memories here
Here's how you can look your best when sporting your specs!
Knowing the right makeup look is extra challenging when you sport glasses on a daily basis. And since we know just how difficult it can be to navigate through your daily beauty looks when sporting specs, we're here to help
Have you ever had an ex-boyfriend like Jigs from 'On the Wings of Love?' Then this list is for you.
If you've been watching On the Wings of Love, we're pretty sure you've been extremely annoyed with Jigs-the ex-boyfriend who threatens to break up our OTP, Clark and Leah. If you have a Jigs in your life,
You won't be needing a gym membership!
It might seem difficult, but there are tons of styling tips and tricks that can make you look like you shed a few pounds without exerting a lot of effort. It all begins with knowing the right pieces and silhouettes. So if
Dating was a little complicated before this generation.
If you thought that living in the past was hard, think again. There were a lot of complications when it came to things, especially with communication, because certain gadgets didn't exist yet. To give you an idea, we did a bit
She's ready to take the spotlight all on her own at just 13 years old.
When we saw photos of former supermodel Cindy Crawford with her gorgeous model-in-the-making daughter Kaia Gerber, we immediately had to do some online stalking to get to know her better.Aside from already knowing how to strike a fierce
This girl is our Instagram peg, seriously!
If you're not following Yassi Pressman on one (or all) of her accounts yet, why don't you start right now by hitting that follow button on her Instagram account? She's HILAARZZ. Those times she shares what actually went on
Your sisters are the best... and the worst.
Growing up with sisters can be both fun and annoying. You have best friends, but sometimes you also have instant enemies. Sometimes days are lovely, but on other days, you find yourself getting annoyed at each other for the smallest of reasons.
What do you mean you're still hungry?!
1. You're always torn between hunger and laziness.Im hungry but I dont want to cook . #growinguphungry2. You're always feeling sleepy because you ate a little too much.#GrowingUpHungry pic.twitter.com/AURd96Tkby3. You bring way too much
BRB, tapping refresh on this video.
Now that we've had enough time to process our ~feelings~ after One Direction dropped their music video for "Drag Me Down," we come to you with the different voices in our heads while we endlessly pressed replay on the video. We'
Sometimes they're just a little too much to handle.
Growing up with brothers isn't as easy as you think, you guys. To give you a clearer picture of how growing up with brothers feels like, we scanned through the tweets from the hashtag #GrowingUpWithBrothers on Twitter.1. They steal your
All the #fitspo you need from your favorite celebs!
Find yourself struggling with your resolution to start living a more healthy lifestyle? Are you giving in to excuses and bumming instead of breaking a sweat and working out often? We know exactly what you're going through and feeling, which is
Let the Candy cover girl show how it's done.
1. Choose a shirt dress in a tropical print and pair it with your favorite sneakers.2. Make your monochromatic outfit look sporty by opting to wear a varsity-themed crop top with black jogger pants. Go with flats for an unexpected
It's never too late for second chances!
1 The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don't.Stuck in a rut, like a job you're not into? A relationship that's holding back? Start fresh and have
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