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And no, we're not talking about dinner and a movie.
Not to hate on couples who celebrate Valentine's Day with dinner and a movie, but we're young! We can be a little more creative than that, right? Impress your significant other with plans like get
Um, yuck?!
When you're really into someone, you notice all his details-his smile, how he smells, and even the way he texts. But did you know that what he eats also impacts how attractive you think he is?A new report in
Celebrate the boos with your boo.
While dressing up as Hiddleswift and dancing your way to a costume party is always a good idea, here are some low-key alternatives to spending the scariest time of the year with bae.1. Tour haunted houses.We all know that
So you feel calm, confident, and totally not worried about your breath!
1. To feel calmer: AvocadoRich in stress-relieving B vitamins to help ease any pre-date jitters, avocados are also packed with monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, which over time are vital for dewy, glowing skin. Mash up your avocado with some
In the age of social media and FWB, is old-school courtship gone forever?
Like the word irog, or the gentle strumming of a guitar underneath capiz-laden shutters, or even that Parokya ni Edgar song "Harana," ligaw seems to be a concept so archaic it deserves its own Instagram filter. In today's culture, crows
This list isn't a joke.
1. We're guaranteed to make your day better, like a human version of pizza. Had a crappy day at work? Get in a fight with your best friend? You know that if you call us up to hang out, we'll
"Not all fat girls are really insecure."
Whitney Thore from TLC's ​My Big Fat Fabulous Life ​stopped by to give some dating advice. Here are some very important things Thore wants you to know: 1. When planning a date for a larger lady, don't only
From the giddiness of first dates to the grumpiness of no dates.
AGE 13 - 14I'm nervous. This is my first date ever. What if he kisses me? What am I supposed to do with my lips? Am I supposed to waggle my tongue around like they do in the movies? Isn't that,
End March on a hot note, as you read about our sizzling summer stud's date life, flings, and sex fantasies!
Summer's the time for flings and sizzling romances, and our first featured hottie for summer has had a lot of experience in that area, of course. With that arresting smile, winning personality, and hot bod of his, we're not at columnist Bianca Valerio discovers a great alternative to online dating after her chat with a hot guy who actually created a fun alternative.
All in the name of that crazy thing we all call love, we are willing to go through leaps and bounds just to find the one person who'll make our heart go pitter-patter. But when blind dates, soirees, bar-hopping,
To get you in the mood for a <i>fiery</i> Valentine's Day, we asked the Philippine Volcanoes player to spill some dating secrets! He'll dish more at 4PM later during his COSMO CHAT!
Whether or not you already have a date for Valentine's Day, it's always nice to get dating tips straight out of the stud's mouth, pun intended. So, on his second week (and a few days before the day), we
We're pleased to see you're loving our featured hunk for January! Find out how to get the attention of this gorgeous basketball player.
If we are to base it on your comments on our Facebook page and his Week 1 feature, we can definitely say you love our pick for January Cosmo Online Hunk, Arnold van Opstal! We'll make sure the wait for Week
You've heard countless dating musts over the years, but some of those so-called "rules" are no longer as rigid. Learn when and how to break them in style.
Rule 1. Never call or text a new guy twice without hearing back from him...Unless: You didn't say who you were in the first text. He might not have your number in his phone.Bottom line: Wait a day before
As the year nears its end, resolve to try these fun new date ideas with your man in 2012! Start practicing over the Christmas break.
Since you two have gotten together, you've never had a free Friday night. Which is a good thing, right? But, what happens when you're running out of ideas on how to spend the next weekend together? As a couple, you'
Really like the guy? Here are some ways to make an awesome first impression, and keep him coming back for more.
Bust out these moves the next time you're hanging with a dude you really want to see again. The phone will definitely ring.1. Give him encouragement. Say something like "I had a great time tonight" before you part ways. A
Does your new man ring you several times a day, or only during odd hours? Figure out his <i>real</i> motives based on his call MO.
1. His calls are always last minute. If you're dating a guy who only calls on the day he has an opening to see you, he's probably the type who likes to keep his options open (in case something better
It's important to pay close attention to what your new guy decides to open up about. These stories can let you in on his true feelings <i>for you.</i>
1. He tells you about his love history. It's perfectly normal for a dude to dish on a few specifics, like when he split with his last girlfriend or how long they dated. But if he keeps bringing up the ex-
Not sure if the guy you're seeing is a potential partner or is just looking for a hookup? We clue you in on behavior that exposes his real intentions.
1. He treats you like one of the guys. If he's making explicit comments or telling raunchy jokes, he could be testing whether you're willing to connect on a sexual level. Thus, he may not plan on working to reach
Without even talking to that guy you're eyeing, size him up through his stance.
His Legs. If he has a narrow stance, he feels vulnerable. If he has a wide stance, however, he's conveying that he can't be pushed around.His Feet. They'll face toward whatever he's interested in. So if they
The guy you're seeing may seem smooth and confident when you're together, but he does have panic buttons. Here, what he's secretly insecure about.
1. His cash flow. Dudes with money often worry that you're only interested in their wallets, especially if you ask a lot about their jobs and lifestyle, while broke guys fear they can't afford to date you. Ask a guy