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First and foremost, was King Arthur always such a snack?
Ever since Netflix premiered its show The Witcher last fall, it seems like the internet has had a high tolerance for fantasy shows that make absolutely no sense. In the absence of Game Of Thrones, people are desperate to fill the void.
We know the story of King Arthur and his it's time to learn all about the Lady of the Lake!
Here at Cosmo, we're big fans of movies and TV shows with strong female characters, and one such show is Cursed, a retelling of the well-known Arthurian Legends that focuses on the mysterious Lady of the Lake! Add to
We're loving these strong female leads!
From the adorable March sisters in Little Women (2019) to the powerful Lady of the Lake in Cursed (2020), this month's new releases on Netflix feature the strongest female leads! We're sure you're looking for a