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Take a break with these heartwarming series!
Growing up in the province, I used to dream about living in the city and looking at the Manila skyline from my room. Now that I'm in the city, I often think about the unhurried life in the province, LOL.
Kim Sa Bu, we've missed you!
Dreams do come true: Dr. Romantic 3 will reportedly premiere next year!The award-winning medical drama follows the life of Kim Sa Bu (Han Suk Kyu), a triple-board certified surgeon from Seoul who transferred to a small hospital called Doldam.
This list is perfect if you think 16 episodes feel bitin and you’re looking for a series to obsess over.
Have you ever wondered why most Korean dramas end their story arc at one season? While Korean variety shows run for years and some for decades, dramas usually stop after the pilot season. TBH, 16, 20, or even 24 episodes don't
Welcome to his ~Yeoniverse~!
Before portraying the character of Ahn Jeong Won in Hospital Playlist, Yoo Yeon Seok has already played a doctor twice, became a baseball team MVP, transformed into samurai, acted as a chef-we can go on and on about his growing portfolio!
The script is by the same writer of 'Dr. Romantic'!
Could we be seeing Park Seo Joon soon in a new K-drama?According to Soompi, PSJ was offered a lead role in a thriller drama entitled Gyeongseong Creature, also known as Project K, written by the same writer as Dr. Romantic,
Some of them are *very* far from the titles we know!
What do you love the most about K-dramas? For me, it's the gripping storyline, the star-studded cast, the LSS-inducing official soundtrack, and amazing life lessons I learn after binge-watching a whole season in one sitting, lol.
He has played the role of a doctor thrice, lol.
Yoo Yeon Seok's long-running career is proof that he's one of the best in the industry. The actor debuted in 2003 in the distinguished film Oldboy, where he played the role of Yoo Ji Tae's younger version. That
Sama kami, please!
Friends add more ~*sparkle*~ to our lives-they laugh and cry with us, protect us from ~bad elements~, support our dreams, and give us reality checks when we need it. They stay by our side through the good and bad, and if
They make *very* convincing models!
There's no denying how South Korea is widely popular as an authority in the beauty world. The K-beauty industry paved the way for a lot of trends: From glass skin, cushion compacts, snail ingredients, and gradient lips to name a
He's on a roll!
Aside from the storylines, what we love the most about K-dramas are the official soundtracks (OSTs) that come with them. Whether it's an LSS-inducing song or a single that will make us feel all the ~feels~, chances are, we'
'Where are you, Master Kim?'
After watching the first few episodes of It's Okay To Not Be Okay, many fans are convinced that the set of OK Psychiatric Hospital is the same as Doldam Hospital's from the popular drama Dr. Romantic! ICYMI, It&#
Korean classes in Filipino? Sign us up, please!
Seoul-based Pinay actress Cherish Maningat, whom we recently saw in the hit K-drama Dr. Romantic Season 2, is currently holding Korean classes on her YouTube channel-Cherish Unni! The best part? She teaches in Taglish and even gives her virtual
We can't wait to hear them sing together again!
If you fell in love with the 2016 song from Goblin "Stay With Me" by EXO's Chanyeol and Punch, then you're in for a treat.The two music artists have collaborated once again for a new OST single,