It’s positive and inclusive!
If BTS has an ARMY and BLACKPINK has their BLINKS, the Philippines' very own SB19 also came up with their official fandom name which they unveiled in a Facebook Live video on November 2.The first P-pop boy group revealed that
Our sky blue hearts are shaking!
It looks like there's no stopping SB19 from ~going up~! The P-pop boy group has been making the rounds on TV with various guestings in recent weeks, and one of which is the ABS-CBN variety show ASAP!It
What do you think of SB19's chosen color?
By now, you've probably heard of the latest P-pop boy group to hit town: SB19. The five-piece group which is composed of members Justin, Sejun, Ken, Josh, and Stell, is the first-ever Filipino act to train under
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