One psychologist certainly thinks so.
Eli Finkel, a US university professor specializing in social psychology reckons there's a very common reason modern relationships fail-and it's all about our expectations. In an interview with The Atlantic about his new book The All-or-Nothing Marriage,
'You have to stand your ground, even if it is hard.'
Kylie Padilla isn't the only one struggling to get her family on board with her love life. In a country where family ties stay strong well into adulthood, how your parents and siblings feel about your union is an important factor
Is it a rough patch or time to call it quits?
If you're wondering whether your feelings of annoyance towards your partner are just a phase, or a sign that you just don't care anymore, it can be very confusing. Is it time to sack off the relationship because you've
And science agrees with you.
Unless you've never had a boyfriend before, you can probably attest that there are different types of breakups; there are ones you spend weeks, months, or even years mourning and there are those you get over after a ton of junk
Mystery isn't hot if it's his only personality trait.
1. He's only available at completely random times. Not only does he never make concrete plans at least 24 hours in advance, but the times he is available are in the midnight to 3 a.m. range, or, like, a Sunday
You finally got the pixie cut!
1. You unfollowed or unfriended them instead of stubbornly trying to seem chill.You know that if you still have easy access to their page, you will be hurt when you see them have any semblance of fun without you. You'd
Not that this is an excuse but it's (sort of) an explanation.
If you're in your early 20s and are hanging on to the blind hope that people are less likely to be assholes in their relationships later in life, a new study on why Millennials cheat brings some potentially good news: According
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