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Start planning with your barkada!
It's common knowledge that there's nothing better than calling up your BFFs and jumping on a plane to another country. But now, there's actual research from a psychologist, Dr. William Chopik, to suggest there's
Here's a good excuse to go out more!
Here's another reason to make time for your friends more often! Turns out, a bi-weekly chikahan session with your BFFs is reportedly good for your health.According to a study from the University of Oxford featured on Southern Living,
What's mine is...mine.
Not wanting to share food might just be the most foreign concept to Pinoys, especially because even if we have so little, we give so much. But it's true: There are plenty of people who aren't into eating
Yes, you can actually do both!
Unless you're part of the Kardashian clan, your resources are probably finite. There are days when you're spending left and right, and then there are those dark days-usually just before your next payday-when you're eating pancit canton
Learn how to be the girl every guy wants to talk to. Here are the tricks to attracting them with your words--and actions.
If you're single, you've no doubt heard a ton of dos and don'ts when it comes to talking to men: Never bring up heavy topics, ask lots of questions, be a good listener, and don't yap too much.
Avoid awkward encounters with acquaintances by following these steps for recalling them with ease.
1. After you meet somebody, repeat her name during your convo ("Where are you from, Jenny?") and when saying goodbye. It strengthens the neural pathways that store this info.2. Humans remember faces well, since we are visually oriented. Draw an association
The man of your dreams could be closer than you think. Here's how you can use your network of friends to find him.
What if we told you there's a 70 percent chance that someone in your social circle already knows your future husband? You'd no doubt start scanning the crowd at your buds' b-day bashes more carefully. Well, keep your eyes
Improve your social skills with these simple tricks for attracting the attention of others.
1. Improve your posture. In a study, those with good posture were deemed to be more exciting than slumpers. Set your stance by pressing your upper back against a wall, then work to maintain the position.2. Maintain eye contact.Many people
This summer, make it your goal to socialize and meet as many new people as possible. Make them enjoy your convo by following these tips.
1. Innocent gossiping makes you feel closer to others, according to a study. To become better at it, build intrigue with phrases like, "You'll never believe what happened next."2. Be sure to include some unusual, tantalizing details when you tell
Find out how to avoid awkward silences and engage in interesting talks at your next social gathering.
1. Make an effort to stay informed. Before going to a social event, catch up on the news and check out the web for some conversation starters so you'll have fascinating things to talk about. Just be sure to skip heavy
Make it your 2012 goal to expand your social circle. Cosmo shares tips for making that happen.
1. Ask a person you haven't hung out with socially to join you when you get together with old friends. Extend an invitation to a coworker or maybe a neighbor, and in turn, she'll likely invite you out with her
We're all about sisterhood, but some gals are too self-centered to be BFF material: the sob sister, drama queen, and Ms. <i>Daldal.</i> Here's how to deal.
There is a certain sense of solidarity in being a woman and going through the same things our girlfriends go through. But, there are some types of gals who just don't know how to get past their own interests, and trying
Subtle body language definitely speaks volumes about you, more than words ever could, and wins people in your favor.
In addition to what you say and how you say it, the stuff that doesn't come out of your mouth plays a huge part in your charm. While you're listening intently, telling a spellbinding story, or otherwise captivating a crowd,
Ever wanted to be one of those girls everyone seems to love? Here's how you can put your charms to good use.
Obviously, you know what the word seduction means. But forget the sexual connotation we usually associate with it. Because different from a flirty come-hither stare or a provocative pout, the art of seduction is about charming the pants off people so
Are you a shy girl who secretly dreams of being a social animal? Dream no more! We've got the mingling mantras for you.
It can be difficult to speak up and stand out if you're naturally shy. Have you ever caught yourself looking at the people around you, friends and strangers alike, and wondering why it's so much easier for them