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10 Low-Key Selfie Poses To Try According To Our Girl Crush, Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy selfies
PHOTO: Instagram/skuukzky

A K-Pop idol and K-drama actress in one, you can definitely call Bae Suzy a total package. She's definitely on our list of our favorite Korean stars—talented, stylish, and more! What's not to love? While we patiently wait for her next project with Nam Joo Hyuk in the drama Start Up (which will be available on Netflix this October!) We decided to do some Insta-stalking and check out what we can learn from Suzy's selfie game. 

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Looking for a peg for your next Instagram post? You might want to try these low-key Suzy selfie poses that are *so* cute.

1. First things first, know your angle.

2. Create that ~moody~ feel through ample lighting and by striking a *subtle* pose.

3. Heading out? Show the beauty of the place you're in and your pretty face by experimenting with a wide-angle perspective.

4. Felt cute, won't delete...ever.


5. Show a bit of your outfit while looking snug in a pose like this one:

6. Instant cool girl photo: quirky filter + blank stare.

7. Does your furry friend like to steal the spotlight from you, too? Play it cool like Suzy does here!

8. Take a cue from Suzy and play around with your angles!

9. You can bask in the sun for that sun-kissed glow, or just let a ray of sunshine in

10. When in doubt, a silly face always works!

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