20 Ways To Take Pretty Photos Of Your Beauty Products

There's no shame in flaunting your skincare + makeup collection.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/dadmunk, (RIGHT) Instagram/sortofobsessed

When creating a flatlay or "shelfie" of your beauty stash, you have to consider factors such as the products' size, shape, color, and packaging. It may seem hard to do, but with a little inspiration, it wouldn't be the case. Keep scrolling to see 20 ideas on how to take a heart-worthy photo!

  1. Going for a black and white color scheme is a classic trick.

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  2. But an all-pink look is pretty, too!

  3. Or even blue.

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  4. Yellow will add a bright pop to your feed.

  5. Make your goods stand out by using a white background.

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  6. Or take advantage of the sunlight!

  7. Or the shade.

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  8. Show them off neatly arranged.

  9. You can add props, like plants and candles, if you think it looks a little bare.

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  10. Or lay them on artsy photos for a dramatic background.

  11. Kira Kira sparkle, anyone?

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  12. We're living for this mirror shelfie!

  13. Try opening a few of the products to give a peek at what's inside.

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  14. Prove to everyone that you can take your routine anywhere by putting them in a bag, LOL!

  15. Investing in anything marbled is always a good idea. ;)

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  16. Perfectly line your products up if you're tamad to spend time creating a cool flatlay!

  17. To make the "cluttered look" work, make sure you take the photo at the right distance.

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  18. A rose gold tray is another aesthetically pleasing accessory you can use to add life to your flatlay.

  19. Don't be afraid to play with ~*light and shadows*~!

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  20. If most of your products are liquids or oils, make sure that the lighting would emphasize the golden hues of each.

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