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The Things You Need To Get Rid Of When You Tidy Up Your Vanity

It's time to trim your beauty stash.
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A clean, organized space has tons of benefits: It helps you save time when getting ready—you don't waste precious minutes looking for that *one* lipstick in your drawer. It helps your mind and body relax, too. There are several studies that say that clutter can add to your anxiety. Don't you think it's soothing to see your makeup collection look tidy and neat? Lastly, a kalat-free vanity will help you maximize your products. You won't forget about a certain item because it was lost deep in the shelf.

If you're game to declutter your vanity, here is a quick guide of the items you need to give away or toss:

  1. Expired beauty products.

    Makeup and skincare products do not last forever. Check the expiration date on the packaging or ditch it when the item smells funky. Using any product past its prime will cause skin irritation. You can also follow this guide when you spring clean your stash:

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    When Does Makeup ~*Really*~ Expire?

  2. Makeup that doesn't match or suit your skin tone.

    There's no use in keeping a foundation that is too light or dark for your face. Sure, you may fix it by mixing it with a different shade, but if you find this step extreme, just give it away to a friend or a sister. 

  3. Items you haven't touched in years.

    Aside from these probably being expired, these unused or barely-touched products only show that you don't *need* them in your life. Take note of what kind of beauty product they fall under so you'll make sure that you won't repurchase something that isn't necessary. Say, a neon eyeshadow palette which you bought 'cos of hype, but is now just sitting on your drawer still brand new. 

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  4. Products that do not work for your skin type.

    If a certain item gives your skin rashes or triggers breakouts, it's a HUGE sign that it should be removed from your vanity. You may opt to pass it on to a friend who may be more hiyang to it.

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