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WHOA! We Think Francine Diaz And Seo Dan From 'Crash Landing On You' Look Like Sisters

Are we seeing double?
PHOTO: (left) instagram/francinesdiaz, (right) courtesy of netflix

Hello, Crash Landing On You fans. May we introduce to you a crazy theory we just thought about as we were scrolling on Instagram: Francine Diaz could be Seo Dan's (Seo Ji Hye) younger sister.

As we all know, Dan was always seen with a hair clip in CLOY.

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And then here's Francine sporting the same look—can you see the Seo Dan vibe? (BTW, this was taken way before CLOY became big!)

We think Francine's cheeks, eye shape, and feminine aura remind us of Ji Hye's character in CLOY

Courtesy of Netflix
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And here's another set of photos where Francine wears the signature Seo Dan hairstyle to finally convince you that they could be sisters!

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We're crossing our fingers that these two will meet IRL soon!

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