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20 Hairstyles To Convince You To Get Bangs

Bangs will look good on everyone, we guarantee it!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/iamsofiaandres, (RIGHT) Instagram/deniseochoa

Bangs can change your look in a snap (or a snip? LOL). A fringe can look good on any face shape, and it will work with any hair texture. If you aren't convinced that this cut will work for you, we've got a slew of hairstyle ideas to prod you to finally take the plunge. Scroll down and be inspired!

  1. Choose curtain bangs with long hair for a classic look.

  2. Did you know that full bangs look so good with a messy top knot?

  3. Combine two trends in one look: The K-beauty-approved sheer bangs and the It Girl haircut, the lob.

  4. Resurrect your signature grade school 'do: Bangs with a blunt bob.

  5. An updo with side-swept bangs and face-framing tendrils would make a good choice for women with round faces.

  6. Accessorize with a scarf headband.

  7. Pair your long wavy hair with see-through bangs for a youthful look.

  8. Go ahead and try micro bangs with short curly hair.

  9. Wispy crescent bangs create the perfect boho ponytail.

  10. Add softness to an edgy pixie cut with heavy bangs.

  11. Try crescent bangs with light brown layered hair for a classy makeover.

  12. Make your half-pony appear extra sexy by adding volume on the crown.

  13. Dye your long hair silver blonde and add a full crescent fringe for a total makeover.

  14. Stand out in a crowd with a rainbow-colored blunt bob and bangs.

  15. Who says bangs on curly hair will never work? Add caramel highlights for extra flair!

  16. Channel French girl chic with full crescent bangs and long hair.

  17. Jet black locks and micro blunt bangs are just too cool!

  18. Long side-swept bangs with peach-colored tresses look so dreamy.

  19. Tell your stylist to cut choppy bangs and dye your hair medium blonde. C'est chic!

  20. Tie a ribbon around your head for a charming school girl lewk.

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