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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Dyeing My Dark Hair To Blonde

How To Go Blonde If You Have Naturally Dark Hair
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I've been talking to a number of people who are thinking of going blonde just to ~feel things~. The Philippines has been on lockdown since March 2020, so I'm guessing some are craving change just to keep things different from their usual day-to-day. Newsflash: I'm part of that statistic, too! I bleached my hair again after swearing off the blonde life back in 2016.

Here's a photo of my current hairstyle looks (I'm kinda shy to share my pic here, LOL.):


I'm proud to say that I'm much wiser on my la vida blonde ver. 2.0 as compared to the first time I tried it. I'm armed with bottle-blonde hair care knowledge which I wish I knew before. So, I decided to compile some Big Girl advice for those who are contemplating going blonde while in quarantine. I hope this list helps!

7 Things You Should Know Before Going Blonde

  1. It's a high-risk hair makeover.

    Bleach chemically alters the pigments of your hair to lighten it. If not done properly, your hair may get fried and damaged. This is why it's best to ask a professional stylist to do it if you're a first-timer. Bleach requires even application which can be challenging if you're doing it yourself. When not done properly, it may result in hot roots (roots are lighter than the rest of the strands), patchy hair (some parts are lighter than the rest), or brittle, damaged strands.

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    (But since salons are closed during ECQ, you can resort to Colored Hair Community Facebook group for helpful DIY ~sisiw~ guides.)

  2. Purple shampoo will save your life.

    Before, I thought purple shampoo was just a product that can prevent the color from fading. But, it really did help STOP my bleached hair from getting yellow or rusty orange. I leave the L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Magnesium Silver Shampoo on my wet hair for seven to 10 minutes (listen to two to three songs in the shower if you hate alarms) so the purple pigment seeps into my bleached strands. After three washes, my blonde hair looks better and brighter.

    L'Oreal  Professionel Serie Expert Silver Anti-Brass Purple Toning Shampoo

    L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Magnesium Silver Shampoo 200ml, P890, L"Oreal Professionnel Official Shopee Store


  3. Use hair masks instead of conditioners.

    My stylist gasped at how dry my ends were (I bleached my hair and just visited her for a touchup.). She advised that I nourish my strands with a hair mask after I shampoo my locks. Conditioners aren't enough. I'm glad I followed her advice because my tresses are softer and bouncier now.

    Davines Oi Hair Butter

    Davines OI Hair Butter 250ml, P1,710, HairMNL


    How To Repair Damaged Hair: Olaplex No.3: Hair Perfector

    Olaplex No.3: Hair Perfector, P2,300, HairMNL


  4. You *NEED* a leave-in conditioner or hair serums.

    I swear. The blonde life is high maintenance! By now you've learned that bleached strands need nourishment and moisture. Applying hair serum or leave-in conditioner on your ends while damp will help prevent tangles and flyaways. I love this hair milk from Davines because it rescued my strands and the powdery scent is simply divine.

    Davines OI All in One Milk

    Davines OI All In One Milk 135ml, P1,495, HairMNL


  5. Read the label, seriously.

    Ever since I've become blonde, I always read product labels. I put the bottle back on the shelf if the label says it has "sodium laureth sulfate." Stylists advise against washing with a shampoo with sulfates because it may dry out the locks. I like getting the sulfate shampoo from Kiehl's because you can buy refills, instead of piling up empty plastic bottles at home. (Here's a list of sulfate-free shampoos you can rely on for clean, healthy hair.

    Kiehl's Sunflower Color-Preserving Shampoo

    Kiehl's Sunflower Color-Preserving Shampoo, P1,250, Kiehl's


  6. It's expensive to be blonde.

    Prepare to spend on professional, salon-approved hair care products and root touchups + color refresh every two months. I think I've spent P7,000 on my hair care routine in the last three months I've been blonde. Plus, I sit in the salon chair for about a good five hours just to have my roots bleached and toned. (I wear a mask the whole time, in case you're curious.) It's a commitment!

  7. You may have to change your makeup routine.

    When you have blonde hair, your brows should be in a taupe hue or a bit lighter than the eyebrow pencil you used when you were a brunette. Sometimes, I just brush up my brows with an ash brown brow gel to define the hairs of my kilay. I find that softer-looking arches look best with blonde hair. 

    On days when I have to wear makeup, I go for a bright blush and lipstick. Blonde hair washed out my complexion so I need to bring color back into my face.


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