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PSA: You Can Bring Out Your Natural, Wavy Hair With This Hairspray And Mousse Hack

Mind blown.
How to create natural waves
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If you ever wonder why your locks are always flat but have random hair bends, you probably have naturally wavy hair. Tiktok user Alexa (aajordn) shared an important tip she learned from her salon hairdresser.

Alexa said that her hairstylist told her that she has curly hair. She was surprised because she came into the salon with straight tresses, and even showed a photo of it. The stylist explained that she could tell by the way Alexa's hair bends naturally fell.

The hairdresser then suggested to Alexa that she stop brushing her hair when it's wet, spritz hairspray while it's damp, and switch to a different shampoo. (Alexa eventually chose a sulfate-free, CGM-approved shampoo from Briogeo.)

The results? Alexa had beautiful wavy hair all along! Her hairstyle appeared like the exact look celebs would always wear Undone, beach wave hair

Check out her hair transformation below!


A little different than my usual but 80% of you are girls so I had to share JUST IN CASE ##hair ##hairtok

? Sky - Good Vibes

NGL, this actually made me second guess my current haircare routine because I always have flat hair with random bends. I'll update you guys soon!

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