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Sawa Ka Na Ba Sa Bangs Mo? Try These Tips For Growing Them Out

All it takes is a little bit of ~patience~.
how to grow out bangs
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So... you suddenly decided to get bangs in a spur-of-the-moment decision. They were cute and you had good times with them and all that, but now you're just *over* them. Okay, here's the thing: What most people don't know about a fringe is that other than maintaining it, growing it out is the other half of the battle. This stage can be frustrating, especially since bangs can look awkward until they're fully grown out again. You might be tempted to break out your scissors in a bout of frustration, which will only delay the process even more.

While you might sit there and curse yourself on why you ever wanted bangs in the first place, we're here to tell you that there are ways to make things easier for you and your hair. Read on for some tips on how to grow out your fringe without it looking ~awkward~:

How To Grow Out Your Bangs

  1. Make sure not to scrimp on conditioner.

    The key to getting your bangs to grow faster is by drenching them in deep-conditioning treatments once or twice a week. TLC is needed here!

  2. Trim them regularly.

    Though it may seem counterintuitive, regularly trimming your bangs along with the rest of your hair can actually help them grow faster. When the ends of your hair are damaged, the split ends can actually travel up your hair shaft and cause breakage, which may force you to cut them shorter than you have to.

  3. Avoid using heat styling tools.

    You may be tempted to use your hair straightener to help blend your bangs with the rest of your tresses. While it may seem harmless enough, this habit can actually *delay* your hair growth, since the heat can damage your hair in the long run. If you must do it, remember to use a heat protectant spray first!

  4. Switch up your hair part.

    To turn the attention away from the awkward length of your bangs, consider switching up your part. If you have a middle part, swap it out for a side part and vice versa! 

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  5. Turn to fun hair accessories.

    TBH, now is the *perfect* time to bust out those cute hair accessories you bought online forever ago. You can use cute barrettes, clips, and bobby pins to secure them on both sides for a trendy Y2K look. Alternatively, you may choose to use a headband to push your bangs away from your face if you're really not in the mood to fix up your tresses—it's all up to you!

  6. Practice patience.

    Remember, growing out your hair can take MONTHS. If you're cursing yourself for having bangs in the first place, take a deep breath and tell yourself that it'll be okay. It's not the end of the world—your hair *will* grow back. On the plus side, at least you get to be really creative with how you style your tresses!

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