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7 Things That Happen When You Finally Get Bangs

A fringe will change your look and lifestyle.
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Before you finally convince yourself to get bangs, we tell you the truths about living with them. This hair makeover will change your look and lifestyle. Be prepared to adjust your routines—both hair care and skincare. Slowly ease into the fringe life by checking out our list. 

  1. You'll need trims every three weeks.

    Bangs grow at a quick rate, and having the tips touch your eyelashes may be a sign that they're too long. You've learned to trim them yourself because frequent trips to the salon is just too magastos.

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  2. You may get paranoid about getting zits on your forehead.

    A major reason for people not attempting to get bangs is that their foreheads are prone to getting pimples. Once you have a fringe, make a conscious effort to constantly wipe the sweat and oil off. You should also be super extra with using your toner in your skincare routine.

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  3. You have to be careful with how you use styling products.

    Aside from the fact that you're avoiding pimples, you'll want make sure that you'll never use heavy hair products on your bangs. Some ingredients in hair products can also irritate your skin and cause zits! 

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  4. You'll be very OC with the way your bangs get dry.

    Bangs can look different every day, depending on how they were dried. On days when your fringe looks flipped out or weird, just bring out a small straightener to keep them wispy or a blow-dryer to create a voluminous shape.

  5. You will prioritize them when you shampoo.

    Again, greasy bangs never look good, so you'll make it a point to wash your hair every day. And on occasions that you'll have to skip shampooing your head entirely, learn the art of spot-washing them. Spritzing your fringe with dry shampoo may just trigger breakouts on your forehead.

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  6. You may have to spend more time in the mirror.

    Having a fringe encourages you to experiment with hairstyles, may it be adding a headband or a bow, you're just in the mood to play with your look!

  7. You will feel cuter or more powerful.

    Just like any haircut, a fringe changes the way you look at yourself. If you like what you see on the mirror, your confidence will skyrocket! And this thought will probably convince you to maintain your bangs.

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