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We Must Say, Ivana Alawi Looks Great With Bangs

She looks like a doll.
PHOTO: Instagram/ivanaalawi

January is almost over, but here we are, still talking about bangs. Celebs have been getting a fringe left and right, and the latest to try out this haircut is Ivana Alawi. She has always sported long caramel brown hair, so when we saw her post a photo of herself with full bangs, we just had to do a double take. Ivana looks sooo good!

Here's Ivana pre-bangs:

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And here is she now with bangs:

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Unfortunately, Ivana's fringe isn't real. She just used a clip-on extension to prank her mom, who is worried that Ivana might not get projects if she changes her hairstyle. It looks believable, TBH! Ivana spritzed root retouch spray on her fake bangs to match her current hair color. In this video, she cut her bangs way too short just annoy her mom even more, LOL! Oh, Ivana!!!

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I cut my hair prank

We're still crossing our fingers that Ivana gets bangs for real pretty soon!

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