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Why Light Brown Is The Next Hair Color To Try

From coppery browns to milk chocolate shades!

If you're ever stuck in a rut when it comes to picking a new hair color to try out, we have two words for you: Light brown. Before you call it "basic and boring," hear us out. A light brown hair color is actually really pretty and versatile—it looks great on all skin tones and on all haircuts. Compared to other hair colors like pastels, it's easier to maintain. Basically, it's perfect for those who want to simply change up their hair color or are looking for something ~dramatic~ to do with their tresses!

Below, we rounded up all the heart-worthy light brown hair colors that will get you excited and inspired to sport the not-so-basic hue:

Brown Balayage

This hair color can lean either cool-toned or warm-toned, making it one of the most popular and sought-after light brown hair colors. It's easy to see why everyone loves it. As an alternative to regular highlights, a balayage offers a softer effect that looks more natural. Depending on your hair length, it can also help you temporarily achieve a V-shaped face and emphasize your best features! For a more ethereal effect, ask your stylist to gradually transition the light brown strands to buttery blonde on the tips.

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Golden Light Brown

The perfect hair color if you plan to hit the beach! The light and warm color of your tresses will catch the light and make it look like you have a sparkling filter over it. But honestly, you don't have to wait for summer before you get this hair color because it will look good all-year round.

Natural Light Brown

A natural light brown shade is the ideal hue to get if you're just starting to go lighter with your dyes. It will provide your strands with a rich and warm hue that gets lighter by the ends, creating a pretty, yet low-key ombré effect!

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Ash Brown

Ash brown falls on the kinda-easy-to-do side of hair colors. Meaning, you won't be stuck at the salon the whole day letting the dye stew in your strands! This cool-toned hair color offers a bold-yet-simple upgrade from your regular browns as it looks like a combination of gray and brown.

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Milk Chocolate

To achieve the look, milk chocolate hair requires a true brown hue to be painted on your mane first. Next, light brown highlights should be added on top to add dimension and movement. The finished result is a mane that looks as velvety and creamy as its namesake!

Sandy Brown Highlights

Another beach babe-approved hair color (and not just because of what it's called)! If you have dark tresses, getting highlights with pinkish undrtones can actually create a sun-kissed effect on your strands. Bonus points if you wear it with loose waves because it will look more natural—like you've been spending your days swimming at the beach!

Copper Brown

Don't be fooled by the name of this underrated hair color because it's not brassy at all! While copper brown does lean on the warm side of the color spectrum, if you have the right hairstylist who knows how to work with your skin's own undertones, you have nothing to worry about.

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If you're scared to try this look, though, you can always just get copper brown highlights! The end result will look just as beautiful.


Of course, Jennifer Lopez is our peg when it comes to caramel brown hair color—she's the kween of it! While there are many variations of caramel hair, the most common one is the brown-blonde mix like the one above because it resembles perfectly toasted sugar. a.k.a., the blend of dark to light is smooth and not chunky at all.

How can I get light brown hair at home?

Already convinced to try a light brown hair color? Here's a step-by-step guide to achieving the hair color of your dreams:

  • Once you have your hair dye, do a patch test first on one section of your hair. This will help determine how long you have to leave it in to achieve your desired color. Take note that the finer the texture of your hair is, the faster it will lighten. (Via Glamour)
  • Next, apply the color on dry hair. But, if your box hair dye states you have to dampen your locks first, do it. When it comes to DIY situations like these, it's best to properly read and follow the instructions on the box to avoid hair mishaps. 
  • Now it's time to apply the dye! According to Glamour, it's best to first paint the dye half an inch away from your scalp, working towards the ends of your hair. When it's about halfway in the color's processing time, that's when you should color your roots. This method supposedly helps the hair color develop faster and look more even!
  • After letting it cure based on the dye's instructions, rinse your hair well, shampoo, and use a hydrating conditioner to ensure your locks won't get dry and brittle!
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How can I take care of my light brown hair color?

These tips will help prolong your hair color's vibrancy and prevent it from looking brassy: 

  • Use a sulfate-free color-enhancing shampoo and conditioner. Their formulas won't strip off the dye and your strands' natural moisture.

    You can also try purple shampoos and conditioners, too! But instead of using them every day, you only have to use them once a week to tone down the brassiness of the dye.
  • To fight against irritation while dyeing your mane, don't wash your hair two days before. Glamour says that by doing this, your scalp's ~*natural oils*~ will act as a barrier between the dye's drying ammonia content.
  • Don't forget to spritz a heat protectant before using any hot tools! It's been reported that using high heat on colored hair makes it fade faster. So before you go to town with your straightening iron or blowdryer, use a heat protecting oil or spray.
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Which light brown hair color are you planning to get? Comment below your favorite! You can also join us on our Cosmo Beauty Group for an exclusive CG beauty chat.

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