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10 Red Hair Color Ideas That Are So Fire, You'll Want To Try Them All

Best red hair color ideas to try
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Even though red is one of the hardest hair colors to maintain (and it takes the longest to get rid of, too), we don't blame you if your heart is set on the fiery hue. It just looks so damn good, especially now that summer szn is fast approaching! But, we must warn you that ~with a great hair color comes great responsibility~. Before you book that salon appointment, here are a couple of tips you need to keep in mind:

Tips To Keep Red Hair Looking Vibrant

  1. Don't wash your hair for at least 72 hours.

    While the urge to wash your hair after getting it colored can be strong—especially if you have an oily scalp—refrain from doing so. It takes three days for the cuticle layer to close, which traps the color molecule, making the dye last longer.

  2. Use cold water when you shower.

    When the time comes for your first wash, only use cold water. A hot bath has a tendency to open the cuticles of your hair, allowing the pigment to bleed out. Sayang naman!

  3. Avoid swimming pools.

    Yup, you're gonna have to avoid swimming pools for now if you want to keep your hue in check. The chlorine in the water can change the color of your hair, turning it from a vibrant red to a dull copper. Plus, it can dry out your strands and make them more prone to split ends.

  4. Add a sulfate-free shampoo to your hair care products.

    If it's your first time getting your locks colored, you also need to update your hair care product rotation. Replace your regular shampoo with a sulfate-free one to prevent the dye from bleeding out. Wash every two days or every other day to avoid drying your strands out. (Check out our recos here!)

  5. Stock up on dry shampoo.

    Your hair might get greasy on your no-wash days, so refresh it with a few spritzes of dry shampoo. They often come in sprays or powders that are also scented to make your strands smell good in-between washes.

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  6. Drench your locks in a nourishing and hydrating hair mask.

    Since your hair will be bleached and colored, there's a big chance that it will become super dry. Remedy this by bathing your locks in a nourishing hair mask once or twice a week. It's loaded with butters and oils that will keep your strands looking shiny and soft.

Now that you've taken note of those *important* tips, here comes the fun part: Hair inspo pics! We rounded up 10 of the cutest red hair color ideas we spotted online for your perusal. You know the drill—scroll through all of 'em, screenshot your fave, and try it out (whether it's DIY or by going to an actual salon).

Best Red Hair Color Ideas For 2021

  1. Best Red Hair Color Idea: Spicy Red

    This bright red hue has a bit of orange pigment on the ends of the hair to give it that spicy, fiery feel.


  2. Best Red Hair Color Idea: Mulberry Wine Red

    This deep purple with hints of red gives you the best of both worlds. Plus, it looks really subtle, too!

  3. Best Red Hair Color Idea: Red Hair with Dark Roots

    Before red dye is applied to your hair, your strands need to be bleached first, and trust us, you do *not* want that near your scalp. Do yourself a favor and leave your roots untouched. This will allow it to look natural, even with regrowth!

  4. Best Red Hair Color Idea: Coral Red

    If rose gold had a sister, this would be it. It's the perfect mix of red, orange, and pink that looks good on anyone.

  5. Best Red Hair Color Idea: Auburn Red

    If you don't want to go full red just yet, auburn is the midway color you need to try.


  6. Best Red Hair Color Idea: Reddish Purple

    This reddish-purple hair color resembles wine in the best way possible.

  7. Best Red Hair Color Idea: Bright Red

    This bright red hue reminds us of Ariel the Little Mermaid's fiery locks. What a throwback to our childhood!

  8. Best Red Hair Color Idea: Red Balayage

    To make your hair color look more ~natural~, ask your colorist to do the balayage technique. They will hand-paint the dye directly onto your locks to create a more blended finish.


  9. Best Red Hair Color Idea: Cherry Brown

    This hair color is predominantly brown with hints of red in it, which makes it an office-appropriate hue.

  10. Best Red Hair Color Idea: Copper Blonde

    Copper can look too harsh, especially at full pigment, so you can ask your colorist to tone it a bit. The result? This very pretty copper blonde hue!

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