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20 Beautiful Hairstyles To Try If You're Attending A Wedding

From loose waves to classic updos!
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Other than our dress and makeup, one of the most important things that we look for when attending a wedding is our hairstyle. It can be as simple as a low bun or as complicated as multiple braids and waves. Your chosen hairdo will *complete* your lewk. 

From ponytails, messy updos, flower embellishments, to braids, these are all the hairstyles you can try—whether you are the bride or a bridesmaid at your BFF's wedding!

  1. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Romantic updo

    If you don't want to go for the ~classic~ low bun, go for a romantic updo. Secure it with a ton of hairspray and bobby pins to ensure that it doesn't fall down throughout the day. For some sparkle, add a crystal leaf and flower arrangement to give your tresses a little oomph.

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  2. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Mermaid waves

    If you have long hair, a mermaid wave hairstyle is a classic. It's a great 'do that works, even if you're the bride or bridesmaid!

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  3. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Old Hollywood waves

    For a more vintage feel, ask your stylist to create ~old Hollywood~ waves. If you want to complete the classic look, swipe on a bright red lipstick.

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  4. Best Wedding Hairstyle: French fishtail

    If you want to wear your hair down but you don't want to look blah, add a French fishtail braid creeping at the back of your head. You can also loosen or "fluff" it up to make it look more laidback and casual.

  5. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Low bun

    For a clean and polished look, gather your hair into a low bun. This never goes out of a style.

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  6. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Low wavy ponytail

    To keep the hair away from your face, try a low ponytail. Hide your hair tie by getting a thin section of hair and loop it around your ponytail. Secure everything with bobby pins. 

  7. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Sleek straight hair

    You can't beat a classic hairstyle. To add a little extra somethin' to your look, adorn your strands with a bejeweled clip on the side.

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  8. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Short textured hair

    Who said you must have long hair for weddings? Short tresses are just as cute, too! Give them some definition by adding soft curls.

  9. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Messy bun

    A messy bun is just perfect for an outdoor, rustic-style wedding. 

  10. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Half-up, half-down

    If you have a lob, curl it into soft waves and do a simple half-up, half-down hairstyle. It's a cute, foolproof 'do for bridesmaids!

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  11. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Waves with an accent braid

    If curling your hair into waves feels a little boring for you, add an accent braid on the side. It's a simple way to amp up your 'do!

  12. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Fluffy braids

    Tight braids can look *too* uptight (see what we did there?) for weddings. If you still want to wear plaits, loosen the braid by carefully pulling at the outer sections. This trick will make your hairstyle look more casual and fun.

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  13. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Braid-to-bun

    To amp up a classic but simple hairstyle, start by braiding your hair on top and when you've reached the end, gather it into a low bun. Pull out a few strands to soften your look.

  14. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Polished waves

    There's a reason soft waves are a go-to for wedding hairstyles—they're super pretty and are just super easy to do!

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  15. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Textured ponytail

    For a non-traditional wedding hairstyle, go for a textured ponytail. 

  16. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Elegant low bun

    Instead of adorning a low bun with a jeweled clip, use a silk ribbon—it looks so chic!

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  17. Best Wedding Hairstyle: High ponytail

    Braids and buns can be too complicated. Keep things simple by creating loose waves. Then, put your hair up in a high ponytail. 

  18. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Waterfall braids

    If you don't want to put on a flower crown, a waterfall braid is a pretty boho alternative. 

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  19. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Tousled waves

    If you don't want to do anything ~fancy~ to your hair, tousled waves will do! We recommend this hairstyle for beach weddings. 

  20. Best Wedding Hairstyle: Low bun with micro braid accent

    To elevate a simple low bun, add a micro braid on the side as an accent. It's subtle but beautiful! 

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