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Finally: Your Ultimate Guide On How To Take ~*Aesthetic*~ Pictures For Instagram

Time to take down notes.
instagram aesthetic tips
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/nadine, Instagram/idaandu

Hello there! ICYDK, we have an ongoing series dedicated to ~decoding~ the Insta feeds of celebrities and influencers—this includes trying to figure out the filters and poses they utilize the most. So far, we've featured Nadine Lustre, Julia Barretto, Elisse Joson, Ida Anduyan, and Miles Ocampo.

The list will only get longer as we do more deep-dives of other profiles in the future, but to make things easier for you, we decided to create an ~*Ultimate Instagram Guide*~. In here, you'll find the best tips and tricks that will help you take superb pictures that look 'gram-worthy every time. We'll also take note of the coolest filters, poses, filler photos to try to give your grid some much-needed variety. Ready to learn? Keep on scrolling to know more:

How To Take Better Photos For Your Instagram Aesthetic Feed

Instagram filters

Trust us, choosing the right filter takes a bit of work, but once you've found The One, it'll make your feed look more organized. Here are some of the popular ones we've noted in the past:

  1. B&W

    A crisp black and white filter will instantly give your feed a ~moody~ vibe. Go ahead and add some grain to it to give the image some texture.

    Black and White Instagram photo of Nadine Lustre at the beach
  2. Go Grainy

    The easiest way to make your photo look more vintage is by adding some grain to it. You can score this effect by using film cameras or free editing apps.

    Vintage Instagram filtered photo of Nadine Lustre with her dog
  3. Film Is Not Dead

    Of course, no aesthetic feed is complete without the appearance of film pics. We suggest using an actual analog or disposable camera to get that authentic overexposed effect, but you can also try free photography apps or Instagram filters!

    Instagram photo of Ida Anduyan
  4. Blurry Nights

    *Intentionally* blurred photos are key to creating an aesthetic-looking feed. Simply move your phone a bit as you take a selfie and experiment with the timing.

    Blurred Instagram photo of Nadine Lustre
  5. Moody Hues

    Another way to give your photo a more ~moody~ vibe is by lowering its brightness and exposure. 

    Instagram photo of Elisse Joson
  6. Golden Girl

    Take advantage of the last few warm rays of sunshine by taking a selfie during golden hour, aka nature's very own filter. It will give your skin a nice glow without much effort!

    Instagram photo of Julia Barretto

Instagram poses

Posing can be hard, but it's not impossible since you have us! ;) Whether you're a shy girl or a low-key sexy kinda gal, we're here to present you with some options. Check them out below:

  1. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

    Mirror selfies are nothing new, but you can always *angle* them right to make them an entirely new photo. See below: Chie Filomeno's ~artful~ low-key sexy mirror selfie.

    Mirror selfie as Instagram pose of Chie Filomeno
  2. Booty Work

    Let your booty do all the talking.

    Booty pose of Lovi Poe
  3. Close To You

    Another one of Nadine's tried-and-true formulas for an aesthetic feed is taking extreme closeups of her face, body, and even random objects.

    Face closeup Instagram pose of Nadine Lustre
  4. Silhouettes

    This is another shy girl-approved pose that's perfect for beach photos.

    Silhouette Instagram photo of Angel Dei
  5. Shadow Play

    When you don't quite feel like showing your face, just take a pic of your shadow instead! P.S. It's a Julia-approved trick.

    Shadow Instagram pose of Julia Barretto
  6. All About The Angles

    Playing with angles (like shooting from below or above) will make all the difference in the world.

    Instagram photo of Jamina Cruz

Instagram filler photos

Okay, let's talk filler photos. They're essentially images that serve as "breakers" to space out your posts on Insta—they prevent your followers from getting umay with your pics! They usually feature random objects or anything that looks #aesthetic and on-brand for your feed. Need some help in that department? Check out some of the things you can take pictures of:

  1. Pretty Spaces

    Your flower and plant nook or your pretty vanity area will make the perfect filler photo.

    Instagram aesthetic of pretty spaces featuring Ida Anduyan's bedroom
  2. Devil's In The Details

    Take a pic of the details of your 'fit to let everyone see the work that came with putting it together. 

    Instagram photo of Julia Barretto
  3. Flower Power

    Fresh blooms will give your grid some color.

    Instagram aesthetic of pretty spaces featuring Elisse Joson's flower decor
  4. Quote Me

    Quotes in aesthetic fonts will give your feed some much-needed variety!

    Quotes in aesthetic fonts for your Instagram feed
  5. Watercolor Skies

    Another option for filler photos is to snap a pic of the sky during sunrise or sunset.

    Sunset Instagram filler photo of Chie Filomeno
  6. Caffeine Kween

    Of course, you also need a pic of your ~one true love~, aka your morning coffee.

    Instagram aesthetic Starbucks drinks photo of Miles Ocampo
  7. In The Sheets

    Messy white sheets will always look good.

    Messy white sheets Instagram photo of Chie Filomeno

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